Friday April 1st, 2011

The exercise:

Welcome to April! Write four lines of prose about: the prank.

I don't, nor have I or will I ever, do April Fools' Day. And, thankfully, neither do my friends. It all seems rather pointless to me.

So in that spirit, Kat and I spent the day buying plants for the front yard and finally seeing the tax accountant. It felt good to hand that stuff off and now we shall wait and hope for some money back.


"Oh, hi Mrs. Decker," Jerome said as he pushed his screen door open.

"Mr. Cauley," she replied, the slight smile on her lips failing to reach her eyes. "While you were babysitting him, did you tell my son that I was giving him up for adoption so that I could go live on Mars?"

"Well... yes, but it was the only way I could get Bobby to stop asking me when you'd be back."


Greg said...

Let's hope your tax accountant isn't an April Fool's prankster! It sounds like you got through the day unscathed; I quite like trying to spot the April Fool's stories that various websites do.
'giving him up for adoption so I can move to Mars' is a very good line.

The prank
Charles Ascugimento, Head of Building Security, disliked April in general and April Fool's Day in particular. He did not do pranks, and was not amused by people who did. So when he found a horse's head sitting in chair on April 1st, he assumed it was a joke and ordered his staff to clear it away. Which meant that he was well clear when it exploded and another assassination attempt failed.

Marc said...

Greg - ah, I knew I felt a kinship with good old Charles :)

Heather said...

Marc-I can't decide how much I like yours. It is a beautiful mixture of humorous and tragic.
My sweet-faced son stood before me, his impatience obvious as he bounced from foot to foot waiting for me to put down my book. "Mama, where do jellybeans come from?" he finally blurted out, his curiosity almost consuming him.

I lowered my book. "When a jelly meats a bean and get married, they make little jellybeans," I responded, careful to ensure an authoritative and trustworthy quality to my voice and that the smirk didn't make it to my lips

Marc said...

Heather - oh man, that's the sort of response that needs to be trusted for as long as possible :)