Saturday April 23rd, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the Easter Bunny.

Kat and I went up to Penticton last night with some friends to catch some live music. It was a really great show but it was a shame the place wasn't packed. Those acts deserved more ears.

So help me make up for that and check out some tunes by Christa Couture, e.s.l., and Cris Derksen.


My arms are tired,
There's an ache in my legs -
Thanks to the damned kids
Who keep stealing my eggs.


mmshaunakelley said...

I love that...

How about:

Hop hop hop every year on this day
Bring treats, deliver baskets, and don't cease...
You're tireless and joyful, but what will you say
When you're fired for making children obese?

Marc said...

Shauna - haha, it's only a matter of time, isn't it? Poor Bunny.

Perhaps he should start bringing carrots instead?

Or at least chocolate-covered carrots.

Greg said...

@Shauna: that brought a smile to my face!

@Marc: chocolate-coated carrots -- maybe you could sell them at your stall to market-test them for the Easter Bunny?
I like your poem too, and I'll check the links when I'm back in the UK and have a decent connection.

the Easter Bunny
The fluffy and furry Easter Bunny
Really didn't find it funny,
When one Easter he was tied
To a cross and crucified.

Marc said...

Greg - I'll run that one by Kat :)

Hmm, crucifying the Easter Bunny. Somehow I can't see that television special going over too well with the kids.