Monday April 4th, 2011

The exercise:

Let's write about: growth.

Because I was excited to see our garlic peeking out of the garden soil this afternoon. We had a very cold snap in November and had been worried it had killed off the garlic we'd planted. Very relieved to discover that's not the case.


The man stared at his reflection in the still lake and frowned. He remained in his crouch, lost in thought, until rain drops began their assault on the water, distorting the image.

With a grunt he raised himself to his full height, leaning heavily on his cane. He looked around the park, saw mothers and daughters running for cover and cars, shook his head. What did they have to worry about?

It wasn't like they had hair growing out of every damned orifice.

With a soft sigh, he began the long walk back to his room in the hospital, wondering if the nurse would be willing to trim his nose hair.


Greg said...

Does this mean that you're into the growing season now, with all your work in November last year now making a showing? That's really cool!
That's quite a melancholy story today, I hope he can find a nurse. Though it sounds like she might need a strimmer....

"We believe in growth," said Milli, smiling. The men and women in the room cringed as one because her false teeth were slipping again. "It's just that it needs to be spiritual growth, and not physical."
Someone at the back called out an Amen.
"True growth widens the mind, not the hips." She paused while a few people clapped and someone whistled. "Real growth happens within, and not without."
"I hear you baby!" yelled a man from somewhere in the crowd.
My name is Millicent, and I'm a weight-a-holic!"
She sat down, flushed with pride, and the chair beneath her was crushed, dumping her onto the floor.

Marc said...

We'd be in the growing season if the damned sun was out a little bit more.

But yeah, our greens are getting close to being big enough to eat, and most everything else is ready to go out in the garden. We're just waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer.

Poor Milli :(

It's your turn in How The Best, by the way.