Friday April 8th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the garage.

Busy day today. All that sunshine made it all good. Did some more pruning in the morning. About ready for that to be done, but there are still lots of trees left. 

Took the car into a local garage this afternoon to get something looked at. I had taken it in to a dealership in December to get inspected before the warranty ran out, and the only thing they'd found was an issue that wasn't urgent but would cost about $200 to get fixed. I wanted the guys, who I trust, at this garage to look at it to see if it had gotten any worse, and to find out how much it would cost for them to take care of it.

They said they could do it for $100. And then took a look at it. And proceeded to tell me that there was nothing wrong with it and I had nothing to worry about. This is the same place we bought our winter tires, by the way. They have my car business for life now.

Oh, and then after I got back we did our first planting in the big garden. Hurray for sunshine!


"There's no boxes, no dust-covered sports equipment, no long-forgotten pieces of memorabilia... I'm so confused."

I looked at my neighbour out of the corner of my eye and found no words to say. It was like he'd never seen a garage before.

"There's just... a car."


Greg said...

The pruning may be tedious now, but think how much you'll appreciate having done it when it's time for the fruit! (And the wasps, but don't think about them so much...).
Well done with the car too, that's great news that your $200 job has become something inconsequential :)
What's the big garden? I'm not sure you've much described the farm yet.
A garage with only a car in it... yes, that's something I've yet to see as well!

The garage
The Coyote sat in the car in the driveway listening to the engine idle. In front of him, the garage door was slowly opening, raising up to reveal the clean, concrete space beyond. The door clicked to a halt, and the Coyote drove forward, then stopped, his foot hitting the brake pedal hard.
Where the hell was Dr. Septopus, and why wasn't he tied into the chair at the back of the garage?

Heather said...

Marc- Our garage looks like that once in a great while. usually just before winter sets in and I demand a warm dry place to park my car.

Greg- I was wondering what ever happened to the unlikely duo last left in the forest. I hope the doc makes it home soon. It seems he owes the others a little unrelenting havoc.

Mary looked up from her tea, the deep grooves in her face representing the wisdom her 7 boys had imparted on her over the last 25 years. "Boys will be boys," she said, a self-satisfied smile spreading. I shuddered, hating the saying and recognizing the ounce of truth it held. My foot began to tap, filling in the missing beats for my son's newly formed garage band.

Marc said...

Greg - hmm, I suppose I haven't.

Well, it's a 20 acre property, which is technically two 10 acre properties side by side. On the southern half are the two homes (our small one and the family home up on the hill). There's also the apricot, peach, and apple trees. Oh, and the ridiculously small greenhouse.

On the northern side are the cherry trees, our big garden (where we grow all our veggies to sell at the market and to the restaurant), the plum trees, and an open field that used to have more apple trees. That's where our home will be built eventually.

Finally, more from the world of the good doctor! I hope he's managed to escape home, and not wandered off into worse trouble.

Heather - I haven't seen too many like that myself. The garage by Kat's parents house is so full of stuff I can't imagine there ever being enough room for a car!

Oh boy, a garage band. That would test the limits of my patience. I'm not sure I'd like the result of that test :P

Greg said...

Heh, surely you could start your own garage band, though, Marc, with you as the drummer? Then it wouldn't test _your_ patience :)
Great post, Heather!