Thursday April 7th, 2011

The exercise:

Let's see what you can do with: returning.

Inspired by our visit to the accountant this afternoon, because we both will be getting a nice tax return this year. Kat is getting more, but I'm doing a fine job of pretending not to be jealous.


After all these years,
You keep coming back;
But still you never
Bother to unpack.

You pass right on through,
Like a hungry ghost;
Always on the move,
A ship seeking coast.

Our words spark a flame,
Soon bridges are burned;
Then you're gone again,
With no lessons learned.


Greg said...

The tax return sounds good! Any plans for it yet?
I really liked "But still you never/Bother to unpack" from your poem, and the whole second verse was pretty great too.

The lathe spins,
A blur in the morning light.
It's been turning, turning all night.

Ilmarinen looks up,
His face as sombre as the dawn,
As grey as a winter's morn.

"It needs to be remade,"
She sets it on the workshop floor,
Where it slowly starts to thaw.

A maiden made of ice,
With a heart that's ever burning,
And still she needs re-turning.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, it's pretty much already spent and we haven't even received the cheques in the mail yet :P

I really enjoyed the flow of your poem - I think the first stanza got it off to a great start.