Saturday April 16th, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the club.

Had a pretty quiet day, spent mostly hanging out with my best man. Played some video games, did some reading, yakked about nothing, and then drove him to the airport for his trip to Vegas. I've got his apartment to myself now, so I had to make vague promises about not burning it down.

I'm only here until Monday morning, so I think I'll make it.


Is that my heartbeat or this song?
Vision blurring, my thoughts all wrong.
Wanna go but have to stay here...
Just in case my dream girl appears.


Greg said...

Is he going to Vegas for work or pleasure? Sounds like a great weekend to me, and getting the apartment to yourself is clearly a bonus too. And no plum trees to prune!
Hehe, from your poem, I'd say your narrator put his rohypnol in the wrong glass...!

the club
The declarer is frowning at the cards in his hand,
East is looking smug, West's smile is bland;
I'm in a panic so I give my nose a rub,
...and declarer reads my signal and decides to lead a club.

Heather said...

Items sold by the gallon or half gallon: Milk or juice. In the fall, a lot of apple cider.

Marc said...

Greg - he's off to visit his girlfriend, who's working in the states at the moment.

I liked the misread of the signal :)

Heather - I'm finding this interesting as well, so thanks for sharing :)

Heather said...

Marc- Farmer's Market started for us this weekend. In a snowstorm. And a political storm. (Could Canadian's block Sarah Palin's passage through Canada? Please?)

If you are ever in this area, you should go to Madison's Farmer's Market, specifically the Saturday one. As of 3 or 4 years ago, it was the largest outdoor Farmer's Market in the U.S. I would guess it still holds that record.

This would represents under 1/4 of a block of our Farmer's Market. The market wraps around the Capitol building.

Marc said...

Heather - our first market isn't until the first Saturday in May. Which is good, because I don't want there to be any chance at all of snow :P

Ugh, Palin. Don't get me started.

That's awesome you have such a big market! From what I could find, it was still considered the biggest as of last year.

I saw mention of 300 vendors. Wow. The Penticton one has 60 (I think) regular vendors plus... I can't remember, maybe 10-15 more casual spots?

I should get some pictures this year.