Friday February 24th, 2012

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: innocence.

Kat and I visited a farming friend in Cawston today for some mutual assistance. With her partner out of town until April we offered to come over and help out with early season preparations.

In return, because she's been at this a lot longer than we have, and is very familiar with organic methods, she's helping us in our transition to more organic practices.

It was quite a bit of fun, even if the wind made the outdoors portion unpleasant.


It begins as a soft cry. Unanswered, it transforms into an ear-splitting scream. He is hungry and knows no other way to express himself.

He didn't mean to start an argument.


Greg said...

That sounds like a fun day! Have you come back with lots of ideas, or are you just confident that you were already heading in the right direction and now know more?
Heh, your fourth line is perfect today. They never do.

Geraldinium, Artist in Residence, looked at the reporter expectantly. He swallowed.
"I can see a lot of popes in the painting, " he said, "and I recognise Innocent X and Innocent III...."
"Yes," said Geraldinium, "they're all Popes Innocent – Innocence, you might say."

Iron Bess said...

Yesterday had been a great day, up until I twisted my ankle that is. I loved the whole "spring time in February" thing. Hardwood is complete, yippee. Today may just have to be a put my ankle up and chillax kind of day.

The jury had been quick to decide, too quick. Her lawyer said it was a bad sign, a sign that things would not go their way. She was dumfounded, how could it not go her way, she was innocent. After all she had only been following God’s instructions, and he had been very clear, suffer no witch to live.

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Marc - babies get a bad rap, but gosh is it hard work when they can't be reasoned with or tell you what they feel...

@Greg - poking fun at the Popes eh? *grin*


No one really tells you about the sleepless nights and the tiring days. Even more so no one tells you just how frustrating it can be when the one you care for can not express themselves in words you can understand. Nor do they tell you the crazy sense of love you get at your charges antics antics. This is the innocence we break when we become parents, it can be no other way.

Yes, inspired by Marc's prose and my own parenthood, which is a wild journey in it's own right.

sonia said...

Well i know a very great person who is loved by all. A great man indeed. But the only problem with that person is he is resisting his own feelings for someone.Why we are sometime scared of our own feelings..never know!

Grondzilla said...

“Prove it!”

He snaps at me and I can see that we've reached the far end of his tether of patience.

I shrug in resignaton, shake my head and look him straight in the eye.

“If I could do that do you think I'd be sitting here answering all of your ridiculous questions?”

Krystin Scott said...

Whew! It's 2 am, I just got in and was afraid I wouldn't beat Marc here! But I did.... YAY!

Sabrina woke and looked around. Seeing no one she got out of bed and ran from her room, naked except for a faux denim diaper. As she entered the living room she saw her best friend Chance and a big smile lit up her face. She ran to him and hugged him tightly around the neck. “Luv you” she said patting him on the back.

Sabrina turned on the television and lay on the floor. Chance lay next to her. “Ere.” she said handing him her pacifier. Chance happily took it, and was quite content chewing on the soft silicone nub. “Cookie” she said getting up and running to the cupboard. She took out two cookies and ran back over to Chance. She kept one for herself but gave Chance the other and he quickly gobbled it down.

Hearing the ruckus Mom emerged from the bedroom. “And just what are you two doing?” she said.

Sabrina turned and pointed to the TV “Mick Mous. Mini and Puto. Chance like Puto, Mommy. Puto go Arf, Arf”!

Mom smiled “I see. Well, someone’s gotten into the cookies.”

Sabrina interrupted “Chance do it.”

Chance barked.

Mom made a face, “Sabrina!”

“Sowwy mommy.” she whimpered.

Marc said...

Greg - bit of both. Definitely have some ideas on new things to try.

Clever take on the prompt :)

Iron Bess - sorry to hear about your ankle, though I think you've earned at least a day with your feet up!

Great final line, I was not expecting it :)

Cathryn - very nicely expressed :)

Sonia - our feelings can certainly be terrifying sometimes. It can be easier to do nothing than risk getting hurt... but that's not much of a way to live :)

GZ - the burden of proof can be a heavy one.

Krystin - haha, just in time :)

Ah yes, it's always the dog's doing, isn't it? Fun little scene!