Tuesday February 7th, 2012

The exercise:

Two haiku about: hotshots.

Though the orchard is mostly clear of snow now, there's still enough in the right (read: wrong) places to make getting a wheelbarrow full of wood through it very difficult. At least it's no longer heart attack inducing.


Taking careful aim,
The archer's eyes reflect his
Arrow's purple flames

*     *     *

School? Waste of my time.
Teachers? They're for stupid kids.
See ya 'round, losers.


Jordan Jack Rockerbie said...

apparently our backyard is in perpetual shadow, as it's the only one i can see with snow still in it. the icy sidewalks have got to go, too.


He holds his trophy,
validation for his speed.
Best at turning left.


Black leather jacket,
Torn-up jeans and scuffed-up boots:
Mom's gifts from the Gap.

Greg said...

@Jackerbie: Snow lingers in the oddest places. I guess you're not in Singapore at the moment then?
I like your first haiku better, but that's mostly because of my aversion to clothes from the Gap :)

@Marc: just think, this time next year you'll be regaling us with tales of carrying the entire tree on your shoulders through the orchard because it's easier to chop it near the house!
I like your first haiku better today too, for the purple flames :)

I brought two small men
And the wizard raged at me,
"Not hobbits, you fool!"


Flaming tequila
Seemed a good idea then.
No eyebrows today.

Anonymous said...

hot shots...
a cruise played it first
followed by a better take
much more fun to watch

the pink bunny feet
and the ice cubes on her tum
those I won't forget

Cathryn Leigh said...

Snow has been promised us for today. Right in time for the commute home, and my Mom's supposed to be heading to our house tomorrow from further north *sigh*

Anyway, I see we've all got similar ideas, though I like the ones that break the mold more than mine *sigh* Anyway here they are. :}

Hot Shots

Top Gun portrays them
Wanting to be the best
Disregarding rules

Here they are, they’ve come
Strutting down the boardwalk
Each one a hot shot

Krystin Scott said...

Blah, I stil have trouble with these. So much to say and so few words, No fair!

They lurk in the night,
Flip the light, then spray, spray, spray
Bye bye little bugs!


A brilliant student,
Yet the boy lacks common sense,
An alleged Hot Shot?


Oi, FYI .. Hot Shot is a US company that makes bug spray.

morganna said...

In the Western United States, hotshots are the elite firefighters who fight the forest fires when no one else can.
Flames burning brightly
Woods eaten alive -- never
Fear, here come hotshots!

Parachuting to the
Fire's bright heart, hotshots
Come to the rescue.

Aholiab said...

I had to cheat with a Google search for the drink recipe... then it wrote itself. Now, back to my Freecell...


Playing solitaire, snoozing
Hotshots gnashing bits

Swirl in a shot glass
Vodka, peppermint schnapps. Add
Three drops Tabasco

Jordan Jack Rockerbie said...

@Greg, i actually live just up the highway from Marc! sort of. dunno how far it is from Osoyoos to Kelowna, never made the trip myself. maybe two hours?

Anonymous said...

Brought to you by the letter 'H' (this evening's Rec League game) and the memories of days on frozen lakes (no trademark was infringed).

The 'D' are pylons
As he vaults the blue line.
Rubber hits the twine.

Look down the wet hole,
My hands are bloody freezing.
Ahhh, instant relief.

Marc said...

JorJack - haha, your first one reminds me of that commercial about the driving lessons, as given by a Nascar driver.

"Are we ever going to turn right?"

Greg - thanks, the switch from orange to purple was very last minute.

Love your second one :)

Writebite - that is indeed a memorable scene.

Cathryn - we actually had a bit of snow this morning, but it's all gone now.

And there ain't nothing wrong with haiku about Top Gun!

Krystin - haha, glad to see you're sticking with 'em anyway. Only way to improve :)

Really like your first one - so full of energy and I can feel the glee of the narrator :D

Morganna - I did not know that one. Thanks for sharing!

Great imagery in the second one. Can't even imagine doing that myself.

Aholiab - I cannot resist a drink written in haiku. Though, in this case, I probably should :P

JorJack (again) - yup, it's about two hours. Kat and I were up there on Saturday.

GZ - oh man, those hand warmers are brilliant. That's a great ode to them :)

Jordan Jack Rockerbie said...

@Marc, apparently i spoke much too soon. nice, heavy blanket of snow fell this evening, so everyone's yard is white now. huzzah?