Sunday February 12th, 2012

The exercise:

Your topic for the day: the video.

I wouldn't be surprised if you've seen this already, but just in case:

OK Go is certainly known for their music videos. The one for Here It Goes Again was the first I'd seen from them and it has definitely stuck with me.

This one though? Holy. Moly. Ridiculous.

Anyway. Your writing doesn't have to have anything to do with it. Mine doesn't. But I would not blame you if yours does.


Detective Anderson was the one who found it. Lurking at the bottom of an unmarked cardboard box at the back of the bedroom closet, underneath sweaters and scarves and mittens.

The tape was unlabeled as well, but he knew immediately that its contents would shed light on the case. It was like it was looking up at him the way a child would when he was caught in the middle of doing something Bad.

A day passed before it could be watched, as tracking down a working VCR was not as simple as it once was. That there wasn't one in the victim's house gave the investigators pause.

Why hold onto a video you couldn't view?

The answer came shortly after Detective Anderson pressed Play in the police station: the tape did not belong to the victim. It belonged to her son.

And now she was no longer in a position to safeguard his dirty little secrets.


Greg said...

I like the idea of having to hunt down a working VCR, I'm not even sure where to start looking! And I particularly like the second paragraph with its capitalised Bad.

The video
"Video," said Miss Snippet. "First person singular of the Latin infinitive videre, meaning to see. Thus: video – I see." She looked around her classroom; the children, who'd just spent the morning laying foundations for the new wing of the school, were as attentive as tired five-year-olds could be.
"When might we say video, class?"
There were several seconds when no-one reacted and Miss Snippet wondered if Latin was perhaps a little bit advanced for her class. Then Rupert, in the second row, put his hand up. She smiled beatifically at him.
"If we met a wandering Roman, miss?"
"Yes," she said. "We might also use it if we were surprised in flagrante delicto by our classically trained husband."
She looked around; nothing but blank faces again. She sighed, very softly.
"In flagrante delicto," she said, "a useful phrase...."

Krystin Scott said...

That video was nutz. It's like Blue Man Group but with a car. I'd never heard of the band before, but they are a really unique group.


A bored OmegaPatten sits and stares at a blank computer screen. He sighs; role playing games hold no interest for him today. Raids and battles are impossible without help and the members of his guild left for Comicon hours ago. Of course there is always homework but who wants to waste a Saturday afternoon completing something so tedious.

A quick check of Facebook; no notifications. Apparently everyone had something better to do; something much more interesting then this. He pulled a face in his webcam and snapped the shot. One after another a string of goofy faces fill the screen. He loads up Spotify, picks a song and then surfs the web for just a few minutes before finally settling on YouTube.

That’s when the idea hits. A carefully selected song, something well known with a few instrumentals would get the attention of the masses. He removed his ball cap, shook out his now wild hair and returned it to his head before switching his webcam from photo to video. The recording started, seconds later music and vocals belonging to the British rock band Queen filled the air.

OmegaPatten knew the song by heart and lip synced every word with ease. Emotion filled expressions filled his face time and time again as he acted out his staring role for his future fans. He jokingly performed virtual guitar solos with his teeth and howled the ooohhs and ahhhhhs with wolfish exaggeration. When the song finally ended, he quietly pressed stop on the recorder and saved his performance entitling it Bohemian Rhapsody on Acid.

Anonymous said...

Angie was completely tripping. The band was on fire, the crowd was grooving, the night air was a delicate caress and the music was just swirling around in her mind. They had lasers going and fog machines were cranked up so that you couldn't see the ground and felt like you were just floating in space.

The two pills that she had popped an hour ago were in full effect and there were times that she could swear that her conscious self was detached from her body. Held only by a flimsy, ghostly tether that kept her from whizzing off into the starry night sky like a sentient balloon.

She turned to look at Wally, a huge smile splitting her face.

“Well dude? Is this completely awesome or what?”

Wally looked around and gave a jaded shrug.

“Meh. I'd rather just watch the video.”

Marc said...

Greg - thanks!

Poor Miss Snippet. I think she needs a more appreciative audience for her teachings :)

Krystin - hahaha, the link at the end caught me totally off guard. Up to then I just thought it was some clever fiction.

That video is fantastic. Thanks for that :)

GZ - haha, I'm with Angie. I'd rather be there for the full experience. Sounds like Wally needs to loosen up :)

Krystin Scott said...

@ Marc - The backstory is completely made up, I don't know the guy. I received a link for the video on facebook and ran with it.

Cathryn Leigh said...

Okay I had to do one about the actual video, as after watching I could see the incredulous look of who ever helped them get all that stuff. :}

I did enjoy everyone elses much more original takes though. But hey I'm a day behind *sigh* :}

The Video

"Okay so you need; 25 pianos, 100 guitars, 15 trash cans..."

"That right." The band nods.

"I just have one question."

"yeah?" The abdn nods expectantly.

"What are you going to do with the stuff after you shoot the video?"

Marc said...

Krystin - ah, well then: well done on creating a believable back story :)

Cathryn - exactly my thoughts. I can just picture a poor guy being told to go find 300 pianos.

Also: good question. I wonder what they did with it all afterward.