Saturday February 11th, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: sinking.

Tie-ins to Friday's prompt are welcome. Though to be honest, I'd completely forgotten what I'd used yesterday when I chose this one.

Kat and I had a productive brainstorming session at our coffee shop of choice this afternoon, working on ideas for the upcoming farming season. Which shall be here all too soon.


The punctures of an idol's words,
Offered up without thinking;
Its journey only just begun,
This ship of dreams is sinking.


Greg said...

Was that brainstorming what produce you'll be growing this year or the best way to grow it? And does it mean you're being volunteered for scarecrow duty in Spring? ;-)
Ouch, your poem immediately brings back memories of academia! Very nicely done and put together, just the right amount of wounded hurt in there!

Little-jim smashes the golf-ball
Van Tosten stands pointing and blinking.
The ball just misses the hole
...because the golf-course is sinking!

Cathryn Leigh said...

Tie in to Friday's welcome, but of course! *giggles*

@Marc - wow, poignant
@Greg - nice tie in. I totally giggled.

And now for mine. :}


Brian's boat has got a hole,
And now it's sinking fast.
Jessie comes up from the rear.
Perhaps she'll win at last!

Sinking 2
(because the first poem didn't capture it all)

Wait! What's that I spy?
A cannon on Jessie's bow?
Didn't the Pirate Yacht Club
Ban them last year somehow?

Iron Bess said...

Today we got winter, for a day, or so I hope. It is cold. Yuck. So I painted. Ceilings. Yuck.

@Marc - kinda goes with the news about Whitney eh.
@Greg - good tie in. LOL
@Cathryn - I love anything about pirates, being a long time Pastafarian.

Here is mine...

Should we be naming boats
Like Abigail’s Schooner?
Not all ships will float
Some will sink much sooner.

Krystin Scott said...

Liz walked onto the shifting sand
The depths of which were vast.
It belched some air to fill the void
And now she’s sinking fast.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, my poetry seems to be broken today. I spent about 30 minutes working on it without success and that's all I'm willing to give it. Great work everyone! Definitely liked the pirate one the most!!

Aholiab said...


Into impossibly green eyes.

Anonymous said...

Now featuring actual poetry (which is to say several of the technical requirements of poetry have been met). Quality I cannot vouch for.

I have not in me the breath to tell
My mournful tale of woe.
Just know our bright sailed golden ship
Lays broken, far below.

Krystin Scott said...

@ GZ - I love the poem hun. Where is the best place to find a list of these "techincal requirements." Maybe with some help I can raise my poetic rank from rubbish to sub par =P

Marc said...

Greg - mostly marketing ideas. Though I think your height would make you a better fit for a scarecrow :D

That's some game of golf you've got going on there!

Cathryn - excellent, two poems for the price of one prompt!

Iron Bess - I hope warmer weather finds you soon.

That's a nice little poem, it flows from beginning to end.

Krystin - eek! Love that 'belched some air' line.

H.N. - ah, no worries. And, just for the record, if only prose will come on poetry day I'm sure no one would mind you sharing it :)

Aholiab - lovely little poem :)

GZ - I'll vouch for the quality then, because that's absolutely lovely.

Krystin (again) - this seems like a decent place to start: