Tuesday February 21st, 2012

The exercise:

Two haiku about: creatures in the night.

Kat and I made the trip up to Penticton this morning to run some errands and visit with a friend. The weather was pretty crap - a whole lotta grey, some rain, some snow, some slushy garbage on the roads - but we managed to get what we needed to do done.


They keep silent watch
with glowing eyes and white breath,
ever poised to strike.

*     *     *

They fascinate us,
with their small homes with locked doors.
What's wrong with the woods?


Greg said...

The trip doesn't sound that wonderful, though I quite like rain when I'm in the warm and looking at it through windows :)
And how can I forget about Mr. Wiggles when you keep reminding me with prompts?
I like both haikus a lot today and can't really choose between them. Maybe the first, by a smidgen?

Creatures in the night
I bought her some bats
For her birthday: Shrove Tuesday.
They are pancakes now.


Everytime I sleep
Small mammals nibble my feet.
Mornings hurt like hell.

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Marc - I like the seocnd one best because it's from the creatures' point of view. The pair together is awesome though, since they are flip sides of the coin and highlight misunderstandings.

@Greg - okay the first one is just... silly. and the second slightly disturbing, so, um... I'll go fo the second as the one I like best *giggles*

Creatures of the Night

small insects buzzing
the peeper frogs are peeping
nighttime of summer

creatures of the night
lurking in the darkness there
searching for our prey

morganna said...

Howling, the wolf pack
comes together now to hunt
Beware! little ones.

Something bit the cat's
Tail in the night. What lurks in
The dark in the woods?

Krystin Scott said...

The syllable counters are in constant battle with one another. I need to find one that works at leasst 90 percent of the time. Can't do the hand under the chin thing, we prounce words a bit funky down in the South.

A master of flight
Poised on a branch high above
Searches for a meal

A mouse scampers past
Rustling the dry leaves, heads turn
A Death Owls banquet

Anonymous said...

The deep freeze is gone.
Small, black and stripey awake,
To stink up the joint!

Damned, fierce blood suckers,
Not some sparkly bunch of gits.
True spawn of darkness.

Marc said...

Greg - mmm, bat pancakes.

Cathryn - thank you!

I quite like your first one, as it really paints a picture for me.

Morganna - ooh, I like them both. Perhaps the first slightly more.

Krystin - I always just go by the way I pronounce words and don't worry about it too much :)

Love the way your two flow together. Very nice.

GZ - I do believe I saw a couple of those small, black, stripey bastards in the yard the other night.

I enjoy picturing your second one being snarled by a proper vampire. Preferably at a Twilight fangirl.