Tuesday February 28th, 2012

The exercise:

Two haiku about: breakfast.

February is so nice this year, why not enjoy an extra day of it tomorrow?

Or something.


No toast, eggs, or buns,
thank you - just give me coffee
and no one gets hurt.

*     *     *

Three kids to wake and
get ready - who in the world
has time for breakfast?


Greg said...

Heh, we've done reasonably well here this year at work, only a couple of small leap-day problems (mostly from databases that allow you to say "1 year back from this date" which then go looking for Feb 29th 2011...).
I like your second haiku better today, though when I was a kid (and the eldest of three) I seem to remember having to fix my own breakfast :(

If I could stop spelling it
It would be breakfast.

Mr. Wriggles has
Cold, dead mice for his breakfast.
But he seems happy!

Anonymous said...

mmm hungry...

breakfast haiku

when you're sick, breakfast
isn't on top of your list
of nice things you want

when you are better
appetite returns full on,
bacon and eggs, please

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Marc - that would be why I like waking up at 5 am, it gives me time for breakfast, thankfully the hubby is getting used to getting upon his own.

@Greg - Haha a couple extra syllables to make bannan work, I like it! *nom nom*

@writebite - heh yes, totally true.


Green eggs and ham, please.
The children all beg of me.
It's Dr. Suess week!

A little quiet time
Is what I need everyday
To eat my breakfast

We're breaking the fast
With cheese and leftover bread
It's medieval fare

I got carried away he he :}

Krystin Scott said...

I'm happy to spend my evenings sitting here reading the work of some really talented people.....

A student’s breakfast,
May not be what you'd expect.
Beer and cold pizza.

Crispy, crunchy, bliss
It surely must be a sin.
Bacon for the win!

Iron Bess said...

Nice day today, the sun is great to see after the clouds of yesterday.

@Krystn - love the student breakfast.
@Marc - three kids...yikes
Cathryn - OMG love the green eggs and ham reference
@Greg - poor Mr Wiggles, this is a great haiku
@writebite - I think you nailed it

Night Owl Meets Morning Person

So this is morning?
Hmm, margh, hunh? What time is it?
Give me coffee. Now.

Do you want pancakes?
Wake, eat, drink, and be happy.
Who’s the crabby pants?

Anonymous said...

Some dream of Waffles,
Others crave Eggs Benedict.
Give me Cold Pizza.

A world of choices
For breakfast, reduced to three words.
Needs Maple Syrup.

Which reminds me. Time to get out there and tap those trees if I want any of this year's run.

Marc said...

Greg - I could totally picture the scene in your first haiku and couldn't help but smile.

Writebite - the best part of getting better is the first meal you enjoy afterward.

Cathryn - well, two haiku is merely a suggestion. Three are always welcome :)

I'm not sure I could actually eat green eggs. Maybe with my eyes shut?

Krystin - any haiku about bacon is instant win for me.

Iron Bess - the middle line of your first haiku is just... perfect :)

GZ - haha, I used to be quite firmly in the Needs Maple Syrup camp. I can recall my dad asking me if I'd like some pancakes with my maple syrup...

Aholiab said...


Your prompts often have me crafting stories throughout the day. Unfortunately, they don't always get down on paper (or computer screen). I had never heard of "Ok, Go" until I saw your link, and then I spent the next few days finding as many of their music videos as I could.

Today's made me hungry all night!

Breakfast Haiku

Fresh squeezed juice gleams gold
Raisins hide in buttered toast
Pierced yolks flood my plate

Final drop clings, falls
Precious black brew quickly poured
First cup steams my face

Marc said...

Aholiab - that's very cool, I appreciate you letting me know that :)

And I'm very glad you managed to get these down, as they're both excellent. I can't even pick a favorite line, much less a favorite haiku.

I think the final line of your second one painted the most vivid image in my mind though.