Saturday February 25th, 2012

The exercise:

A four line poem about: the feud.

Got some more onions, leeks, and herbs seeded in the greenhouse today. Then this evening, just to make sure we're fully prepared for the season, we watched Greenfingers on Netflix.


It's us against them,
So fight till you die.
That's just how it is,
Nobody asks why.


Krystin Scott said...

Randolph Mc Coy was a good Southern boy
But he went and he lost his old sow
Finder’s keepers cried Floyd jumping for joy,
So their two families ended up in a row.

Greg said...

@Krystin: Ah, isn't that how all feuds start, one way or another? I like how you've put so much information into just four lines, I know exactly how the feud should be going!

@Marc: Lots of the allium family then? You need some garlic in there too!
Yours, probably because of your preceeding paragraph, makes me think of plant warfare. I like it!

Mine's a completed feud:
The feud
"Weedkiller is an easy winner,"
said Preacher John with glee.
But the Triffid was no Christian sinner,
And it ate poor John for tea.

Cathryn Leigh said...

Got some interesting poems in here. Lets see what I can whip up as the children and not feuding at the moment and the hubby is still asleep. :}

The Feud

The questions sent out to a group of one hundred.
The game show then pitted family against family,
five of one verses five of the other.
Then they guess the most popular answers to the questions.

ahh the days of yor when I used to go to may grandma's and the TV would be on the Game show channel. :}

Iron Bess said...

@Marc - I think you can use that to describe a lot of what is going on in the world today.

@Krystin - Love the reference to the Hatfields and Macoys. Almost the original family feud.

@Greg - As good a meal for a Triffid as anything. Loved it.

@Cathryn - hey I remember that show, I wonder if its still on TV?

The Feud

Look at my big house, I win.
Look at her mansion, she won.
Now I have a palace, I win.
Now she bought castle, the bitch.

Grondzilla said...

Who said that painful old jokes shouldn't be recycled?

The mangy eared cat asked,
“Why you so raw?”
The three legged dog growled,
“You shot my paw!”

p.s. Apparently the OpenID doesna wanna shoot through today...thus we go old school.

Krystin Scott said...

@Greg - Thanks a bunch. The Hatfields and Mc Coys were the first people I thought of when I saw the word "feud". Many people know of them but have no idea how the whole fiasco re-started. I figured you did. You always seem to know so much.

@Cathryn - That show is STILL on the game show network here in the states, along with The Price is Right, Let's Make A Deal, and Press your luck. Yeah, I watched um at grandma's too.

IB - That is funny as hell. I'd be thinking the same thing!

Marc said...

Krystin - I'm glad someone took the prompt there :)

Greg - the garlic is already in the ground, just waiting for warmer weather to poke their heads out of the garden :)

Ha, plant warfare - I hadn't thought of how it would look in context.

Had to Google Triffid, but even without the specific knowledge that's a great poem!

Cathryn - also glad someone took the prompt in that direction. I watched a lot of Family Feud growing up :)

Iron Bess - sadly, I think so too.

Love the poem, it really captures that notion that enough is never, in fact, enough.

GZ - painful old jokes can still elicit a guffaw, it seems :)

Krystin (again) - Press your luck is the only one of those I'm not familiar with. Looks like I shall have to Google some more this evening.