Friday November 16th, 2012

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: lions.

Went up to Penticton for an appointment late this morning. Max is still putting on weight like a champ and everything else is coming together slowly but surely.

On the way back home we stopped for coffee in OK Falls, where we ran into the manager for our farmers market. She was very excited to meet the new addition to our family. Then we dropped by the bakery here in town, where Max was introduced to our friends there, as well as their four month old son.

The difference in size between the two of them was kind of amazing. Strange to think our son will be that big so soon.


While the blazing afternoon sun attempted to melt the horizon, we dozed in the shade of misshapen trees. A rotating watch was established so that we wouldn't miss our opportunity, with the youngest among us eagerly volunteering for the duty.

Finally, with night closer than any of us would have liked, the safari jeep was spotted approaching from the west.

Dinner was served.


Greg said...

Heh, babies do grow quite fast initially, and I suspect there's a fortune being made in designer clothes for children that grow out of them in just a couple of months! It sounds like Max is rapidly becoming part of your extended community too!
Incidentally since you've pointed me in the direction of good music before, have you heard of Delta Rae yet? I'm listening to their album at the moment, waiting for a master carpenter, and it's pretty great :)
Heh, I did wonder right at the start whose POV you were going to tell the tale from! Nicely done!

The headmaster decided to name the school's hockey team The Wildebeest because he thought it reflected their fleet game. Miss Snippet then named the chess club The Lions to try and encourage them to the heights of success. Exactly three weeks after the rebranding and the new uniforms arrived, Miss Snippet was startled to come in to the school in the morning and discover that the chess club had killed and eaten the hockey team. She immediately order the construction of a lime pit and entered the chess club into the National Competition.

Anonymous said...

People mock the King of the Jungle because he does not live in the jungle and the female lions do the hunting. Well, he's just living the life that nature made for him. We're the ones who got it all wrong. With that mane and gravitas, Mr. Lion is still a handsome beast and worthy of respect. -- Anonna, who can only sign in as Anonymous

Anonymous said...


"Lions," I kept on saying to her and her friends.
"Maybe I'll get to see the FA Cup Final in Africa next month? She tried to interpret.
"Maybe it's a symbol for courage," I replied, slightly uneasily.
The next day I was watching TV and a movie began all about lions but it was just a coincidence, for she rang me, "Mother is sick, very, very sick and it doesn't look good," she told me in a voice wet with tears...

Katie said...

There once was a boy named Pierre who only would say “I don’t care,” and because of that, he got eaten by a lion. According to Maurice Sendak, the moral of the story is care. However, the true moral is if you ever meet a lion, don’t tell him you don’t care if he eats you. Pierre wasn’t using reverse psychology, and even if he had been, lions just don’t care.

Marc said...

Greg - I have not heard of them. Holy jeez that guy takes a beating in that video!

I am always grateful after reading your Miss Snippet posts to not have attended her school...

Anonna - I agree completely. I'd certainly show him all due respect should I come face to face with him :P

Writebite - sometimes we see signs when there are none to be seen, huh?

Katie - haha, indeed. 'Lions just don't care'... ain't that the truth!