Thursday November 29th, 2012

The exercise:

Our word of the day: envy.

At 9:30 this morning Kat suggested we go to our local coffee shop for drinks (coffee for me, mocha for her). I said that sounds great.

At 11:30 this morning I suggested perhaps we should just go there for lunch.

It's amazing how much longer everything takes now.

Anyway, we still had a good time on our family outing. And at least we got there before dinner.


She hears the talking but doesn't take it seriously. Just grown women acting childishly. Embarrassing, really, the type of behaviour that springs from envy. Or is it jealousy?

Not that it matters at all. The boys in the office still call. One man or another is always there to catch her should she fall. Let those hens peck about in the mud, let them crawl while she stands tall.

Sure, it's mean-spirited and hurtful what they say. But she won't let it ruin her day, all those silly games they play. She'll keep rising to new heights by doing things her way. They're just on the bottom rung, and that's where they'll stay.

It's so petty, those comments they make. I mean, honestly, for goodness' sake! Who really cares if her tits are fake?


Greg said...

Heh, you're disguising your poetry as prose again! Although it's even easier to hear you (mentally) performing this at a poetry jam :) It's very nicely done, I'm slightly envious (which seems appropriate, after all).
And I am amused by how long it took you to get ready to go to a coffee shop. I don't think I would postpone a coffee for three hours!

Summoning Envy was difficult: it was one of the seven deadly sins, and embodying it had to be done carefully. Pick a body that was too weak, and Envy would break free, turning it into a jelly-like mush that would spread and spread, infecting everything it touched. Pick a body that wasn't sufficiently aligned – say a monk who'd forsworn earthly pleasures and temptations – and Envy would rip the body apart in disgust and evaporate back to whence it came. That was better, but you still had to clean up afterwards.
The body they had chosen this time was a young woman who'd chosen herself really; she'd be unable to resist the Apple iPad left temptingly on display on an empty desk in an unlocked office. As soon as she touched it she completed the spell-circuit and the summoning began.
"Joe?" Vince leaned in close to the leader of their little group. "What are we going to do when we've captured Envy?"
"Use it for marketing," grunted Joe.

morganna said...

Envious to a fault
Never satisfied
Venomous and covetous, that's

(No offense meant to anyone actually named Yvette)

Cathryn Leigh said...

@Marc - yup, and did you forget anything to bring on your outing? Cause it always seems, no matter how hard you try to get everything some thing goes missing and you have to jury rig it in the field. But you'll get the swing of things and you'll have it down to an hour over what you're used to for getting out of the house.

@Greg - Now, how does one use Envy as a marketing ploy? No... I think I might understand. :}

@Morganna - nice little poem.

It really was hard to envy her, even if you tried. She'd always sense it, seduce you and leave you on a cloud of satisfied passion, wondering what you were thinking before. No, she was not the one to envy, the one to envy was the one she'd choose as a partner for however long her trip was. And really, the question was, how to obtain that coveted positon, so that her passion would be yours for more than just one moment.

Yes that's about Rachael my spacer chick... I'm not sure I'm liking who I think the narrator might be... she's a little young to be thinking like that! *grins* characters

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, if they did delivery I think I would have just picked up the phone after an hour had gone by...

Ah yes, envy makes a very fine marketing tool. Liked your bit about having to clean up the mess :)

Morganna - hey, it was either that or Yasmine, right? :P

Cathryn - actually we managed to remember everything we needed! That might be a first though...

I like the idea of envy being potentially misplaced in yours. Could lead to all sorts of scenarios.

morganna said...

Or Yvonne, but I actually know someone named Yvonne who is very sweet, so that just felt weird. :)