Saturday November 10th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: grandparents.

My parents got the call Tuesday morning that labour had begun and they managed to get to Penticton that evening. They're heading back to Vancouver Island tomorrow but it's been great having them here, even if my new family have been too tired to spend very much time with them.

Looking forward to seeing them again when everything and everybody is a little more settled.

I'm getting terribly behind on the comments. I better get a start on them tonight or I'll probably just give up.


They put up with my nonsense
When I was young and wild;
Now they smile a knowing smile
While they're holding my child.


Greg said...

There's always a fair amount of upheaval when a child arrives, and it's great that your parents could get over so fast. I can imagine they've had some useful advice too.
And I suspect your poem is completely true today!

On grounds of respect and honour
The grandfather clause let some people in.
No-one guessed that the grandmother virus
Would keep them away from sin.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, especially the first one. Everything is just so new and unknown!

But also (mostly) good.

That's some virus; I feel like there's some additional potential there. I think a lot of fun could be had playing around with the idea of a grandmother virus...

Anonymous said...

marc, better late than never.
four lines wasn't enough...

Grandparents (dwp) (dedicated to Grandparents’ Day, Nov 18)

Grandparents. What a special role that is! 
To give and receive total, unconditional love, from that very first look to their graduation and way beyond, you love them because they are children, not quite yours but not quite not, either. The bond is there from the start. You get to share in their lives as they grow, from that very first ultrasound photo to their wedding portrait and onwards to whatever their life becomes, that love cannot fade.

Grandparents. When mother’s arms are tired from all that carrying, you take over. A cuddle, a pat, a burp, or racing through the grocery isles in a trolley, you do whatever it takes. No one can comfort baby quite like mother can, but your role comes in as a close third (father being second); it is a gift you give of yourself. Baby recognises the bond you have, too.

Grandparents. Ideally, they come in pairs. When toddler sees one of you, he expects the other to be with you, too. 

Grandparents. We’re here to teach the colour “red”. When the green tomatoes magically turn red, that’s when toddler is allowed to pick them for Grandma’s kitchen.
We watch them at soccer practice and eagerly cheer them on whilst secretly taking photos of them in their uniform ’cause they look so adorably cute in it. 
We point out the clowns in the circus we take them too but at home our antics are funnier, simply because we are their grandparents.