Thursday November 1st, 2012

The exercise:

Now that we've reached the first of November, I would like you to tell me how a timid ghost spent Halloween last night.

I guess we're officially having a November baby now. Just a matter of him picking a day that looks good to him.

Speaking of which, I've written up a couple of posts to cover my expected absence during the birth. If I'm able to get to a computer during the initial stages, I will schedule them. If I'm not, the blog shall be quiet for a few days.

Fear not! Whenever it happens, I shall return with baby news.

And, most importantly, baby pictures.


I hear the children cackle
Between shouts of "Trick or treat!"
And watch as they compare loot
In the middle of the street.

My brothers are more involved,
They like to rattle and haunt.
My sisters whisper greetings,
Steal candy, spook dogs, and taunt.

I wish I could join their fun,
Make these brats scamper and flee;
But the sad, sorry truth is:

These children terrify me.


34U said...

wow, I like the ending!

Greg said...

I did wonder if you were building up a little list of posts for that when you mentioned your writing in the coffee-shop: good planning! I hope the baby comes along close to the due date :)
I think you've captured the timidity of your ghost very nicely, and the descriptions of him hiding from the children is good.

A timid ghost
"New ghosts," said Professor Raulstein, "are very timid as a rule. This house has had a new ghost move in this very day, Hallowe'en! We are going to try and flush it out and capture it to study it's timidity in the lab."
"How can a ghost be timid?" asked Melanie, chewing gum noisily.
"Boo!" said the ghost, only its head appearing through the wall, right next to her ear. She jumped, screamed, turned her head, and then screamed again. The ghost screamed in turn and fled back through the wall.
"You've scared it now," said Professor Raulstein sternly. "Everybody point at Melanie and tell her she's a baaaaaad girrrrrrrl."
The class delightedly obeyed, and the ghost poked its head through the floor near Professor Raulstein's foot and said, "Boo?" again. The Professor stamped on it, his foot passing straight through, and the ghost vanished once more.
"Damn," he said. "I'm not wearing magnetic cleats yet! Fetch me the kit bag."

Marc said...

34U - thanks very much :)

Greg - thanks, we're hoping he comes on time or slightly early (now that we finally feel basically ready for him!). I know Kat is *definitely* not interested in him being late ;)

Hahaha, love the 'Boo?'