Saturday November 17th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: rainy days.

Today was a grey, rainy, miserable sort of day.

In other words, the perfect sort of day to have our septic tank pumped out!

Ah well, at least that's done now. Plus they managed to fully clear a partial plug in the pipes that had been causing us some issues recently. Apparently it was right where it went into the tank, so there wasn't much hope of us fixing that on our own.


Grey sky pressing down,
Spilling tears with steady drops;
Soaking those below,
We who fear it never stops.


Anonymous said...

Rainy Days

after months of none
is was good to get one
month of rainy days
to dissolve the dusty haze

Greg said...

@writebite: that sounds like good rain to have!

@Marc: the partial plug sounds unpleasant, but undoubtedly much better than a full plug! And... well, I quite like grey and rainy days, the world looks somehow smaller and cosier, and being inside in the warm and dry while it rains outside is lovely.
I like how your poem takes completely the opposite opinion though!

Rainy days
Il pleut comme une vache qui pis,
Says the old man with a twinkle in his eye,
And yes, it's raining cats and dogs,
So I'll stay here in the warm and dry.

[The literal translation of the French may amuse you...]

Anonymous said...

Rain now and then
In the straight and on the bend
On my problem
And my friend.


Katie said...

A dead slow day at the library;
everyone's home avoiding the rain.
Good day at work? On the contrary;
the boredom could drive me insane.

Marc said...

Writebite - aye, some rain is definitely good rain.

Greg - I suspected you'd have a rather different opinion on the subject that I do :P

Ha! The French do have some great expressions :D

Anonna - I like the flow and rhythm of your poem :)

Katie - ugh, I feel your pain. I hope you were at least able to get some reading done or something!