Wednesday November 7th, 2012

The exercise:

Write about: the birth.

Didn't manage to get this written until the evening of October 30th, so it's a good thing baby didn't decide to arrive extra early.

For those that missed yesterday's scheduled post: this is the second and final post I've drafted up to cover my expected absence during the birth of my son. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow to share an update, but don't fret if the blog goes quiet for another day or two.

My priorities, they be elsewhere right now.

Oh, and same deal as yesterday: if this happens to be Two Haiku Tuesday, Four Line Prose Friday, or Four Line Poem Saturday, feel free to stick to the usual format.


While I felt somewhat uncomfortable writing on the labour prompt ahead of time, I'd say I'm completely and utterly incapable of doing this one any justice at all.

It comes down to this: either yesterday, or today, or possibly tomorrow, I became/become a father. I met/meet my son, hold him in my arms, hear him cry.

It's unthinkable to discuss this before actually experiencing it.

So I'm not going to try. When I return, I'll give it a shot.

Though there's no guarantee I'll be any more able to do it then.


Greg said...

Well, it's "Written-on-a-pancake" Wednesday but I can't figure out how to get the pancake uploaded, so I guess I'll have to pass on the usual format.
Congratulations again, and I hope that fatherhood isn't overwhelming you too much!

The birth
Things you wouldn't want to hear on the maternity ward:

* "He's got the dog's nose."
* "She looks just like her father. Beard and all."
* "Which one are we going to keep?"
* "I keep counting her legs...."
* "We thought we'd give him a serial number rather than a name. He looks like a criminal."
* "We're selling them cheap because they're a bit 'shop-soiled'"

– and I hope you've heard none of them!

writebite said...

greg: cute, v cute !

the birth

seeds sprouting
flowers blooming
stars are born from supernova dust

chicks hatching
ducklings tweeting
lambs bleat in Spring's morning frost

larva pouring
another island forming
forest floor spawns, so new life's a must

baby's head is crowning
another push he's birthing
in his new parents he will ever trust

Marc said...

Greg - I will always accept pancake submissions via post :P

'He looks like a criminal' - I actually laughed out loud at that :D

Writebite - that's lovely. Enjoyed your third stanza in particular.