Tuesday November 6th, 2012

The exercise:

Write about: labour.

I am writing this in the evening on Thursday October 25th and it has been sitting in my drafts ever since. If you're reading this, I think it's safe to assume a couple of things:

- Kat went into labour at some point in the previous 24 hours.
- The labour began slowly and gently enough that I had time to schedule this post.

Either that or I was a really, really big jerk and made Kat wait around in extreme distress before driving us up to Penticton. Hard to say.

So, yeah. Not sure exactly when you'll be hearing from me again, but likely it will involve a picture or two of a super cute (in my totally unbiased opinion) baby.

Unless, of course, it was a false alarm. In which case, I shall be back shortly!

Assuming things were mellow enough, you'll get another scheduled post tomorrow. Beyond that, I promise nothing.

Oh, and since I can't know what day it is ahead of time, if this falls on a Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday, feel free to write in the appropriate format. Or not.

Like I'll care. I'll be otherwise preoccupied, I suspect.


After a lengthy wait
(A pregnant pause, if you will)
The final act begins,
Leaving me feeling so thrilled
(And more than a little ill).

This long and winding road
Is about to reach an end.
I don't know how we'll arrive,
I can't predict each bend -
That map I can't comprehend.

A course has been set,
Mother Nature at the wheel.
Before I can stop to think,
Baby will arrive with a squeal
And love will be all I feel.


Cathryn Leigh said...

OMG how can I not comment on this! *grins* I hope Labour goes well for you (see I'll even use your spelling of it) and that Kat has it easy, even if modern medicine is used to help. And the Biggest wish for you both is that your child is Healthy and Happy forever more!

(I'd also like to point out how nicely forshadowing yesterdays post with picture was.) Though does one really call it foreshadowing when it's telling us of future glad news? Foresunning perhaps? *grins*

Oh a post on the topic... Labour

My labor was quite lengthy
for both my darling kids.
Half of it spent at our house
Not wanting to be sent home.

The first time 12 hours gaily passed us by
Playing on-line computer games
And making the husband light the tree
Until he took a glance at me and realized
I needed pain medication.

The second time I'm not sure how long we spent in wait
I was occupied with looking out houses we might by
Then at the coffee shop until my dad and step-mom left
Then to give the daughter one last kiss before I dissapeared.

But the labor has not ended.
It goes on every day.
To keep the house, my sanity and my children safe.
But their smiles and hugs are the best of rewards
And nullify all screams and tears.

(plus I hear grandkids top that for all the labored years)

MAZALTOFF! (or how ever that's spelled) Marc and Kat and little baby of joy!

:} Cathryn

Greg said...

@Cathryn: that's a beautiful poem, and a very sweet insight into part of your life. Thank-you :)
As for foreshadowing vs foresunning, I like yours a lot and think it's very appropriate!

@Marc: Congratulations! I think Cathryn's already expressed the sentiments better than I can, so let me just second her wholeheartedly! Looking forward to seeing you back on the blog with the new addition inspiring you to a rash of baby prompts ;-)
Oh, and given bill C-11 passed up there in Canadia, it seems like a fairly auspicious day to be born!

Each breath is dragged from the depths of her chest,
Sweat stands out on her brow,
The midwife and doctor are patient and firm,
It won't be much longer now.

But it's not you lying on the bed!
It's not you trying to give birth!
It's not you bringing new life
To lighten and brighten this earth!

He's holding her hand and biting his lip,
She squeezing so much it hurts,
But the baby's that born at the end of this trial
Is more beautiful than all of his words.

writebite said...

marc, ooh, not long now maybe!
getting excited.
don't worry, the skeleton crew here will keep this boat afloat with whatnot.

writebite said...


It is well named, this effort to bring forth new life into the world.
Each generation offers something special, creates some new advancement of which we may all partake.

When the new baby is born and grows, we say “We made this!” - this miracle never gets old.

A labour of love the birthing always is, the most special moment in life, such delicacy born of the hardest work, such reward must be experienced to be believed.

We look at baby’s eyes and fall instantly in love...
...for a lifetime.

dedicated to Marc and Kat...

Marc said...

Cathryn - thanks very much! Also: big fan of this 'foresunning' thing you speak of.

And thank you for sharing your personal experiences with this magical, strange, crazy process :)

Greg - thanks! And yeah, I can foresee a whole lot of baby talk on this blog for the next little while...

Absolutely lovely poem. Truly fantastic.

Writebite - no, this miracle couldn't possibly get old.

Thanks so much for this :D