Saturday December 15th, 2012

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: avoidance.

Helped decorate the Christmas tree at Kat's parents place today. Quite enjoyed it, and very much looking forward to when Max can be a part of that.

Still thinking about yesterday's events though.


I turn the TV off,
Since every channel is the same
And I can't stand to hear
That murderer's miserable name.


Greg said...

I've been putting off getting the Christmas tree out and decorating it, because the living room is slowly filling up with presents (for other people) that need wrapping, and that would just hide the tree. But maybe today is the day to wrap these things and put a tree up and acknowledge that everyone else thinks it's Christmas :)
Having now found out that a Chinese man attacked a children's school with a knife at a time close to the Newtown shootings, it just seems like the world's gone a little loopier than usual for the time of year. I think you're right to try and avoid the news for a few days.
Your poem sums it up nicely.

Here we are, at Winter's Ball
Where wealthy people come to prance,
And handsome commoners scurry round;
It's all about avoidance.

PONDrizzle said...

I don't even think we'll put up a Christmas tree this year. I'm trying to think of an Australian-equivalent...
I've basically been avoiding life. Too lazy; but too alive to leave it alone.

The Dance:

of hearts and life in fire
flickers and ignites desire
to run from meaning into shadow
to let it burn, and ash, and follow.

Anonymous said...

I've been avoiding the media as well. My wife, on the other hand, has wanted to watch to grieve and process it all. We all have our own ways. I need to learn to accept that.....

And now for a more cliched attempt at avoidance

The harsh brown liquid
Burns my throat
And puts me to sleep

Aholiab said...


We need to talk
Four dreaded words
Not now

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, some days the world just seems... stranger and less safe than usual. Unless you don't watch the news, I suppose.

Hah, clever little take on the prompt. I like :)

PONDrizzle - and hello right back! Welcome to the blog, I hope you find it useful :)

Wonderful word choice and imagery. I quite enjoyed that!

Anonymous - while I can certainly appreciate her need to go that route, I just wouldn't be able to stomach it all. Especially the way most news station insist on reporting such events.

Ah yes, the most socially acceptable, it seems, form of avoidance. Nicely done.

Aholiab - hah, yes. Tomorrow seems much better for that sort of talk. Always does :)