Wednesday December 26th, 2012

The exercise:

Write about: holding on.


This year's holiday whirlwind has drawn to a close for us, as all our visitors will be gone by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. Kat's brother and his family will be on a plane heading for Vancouver (unless we manage to sleep in a little bit - then they'll be on a plane heading north) and my parents will be on the road heading for Vancouver Island.

Hopefully everybody is fortunate enough to get good travel weather and to avoid any unpleasant delays.

So things will be returning to normal for us here on the farm. I think we'll be spending some time sorting through and organizing Christmas presents tomorrow, maybe even get a few ignored chores done. I'm sure Kat's parents will be tidying up their house after the holiday chaos involved with hosting family - especially when one of those family members is a rambunctious fifteen month old.

It's been nice having so many extra willing hands to hold Max the last few days, as he just loves falling asleep in a warm set of arms. I suspect that, even if he isn't fully aware of what's going on, he's going to miss his aunt, uncle, and Vancouver Island grandparents.

His cousin too, though she was never convinced to hold him.

I'm willing to bet that some part of him enjoyed having another youngster around. And I'm very much looking forward to seeing them together as they get older.


Greg said...

That sounds like a lovely family Christmas you've had there then; and neglected chores and household chaos are just par for the course, really. I hope Max keeps up his willingness to fall asleep in a warm pair of arms as he grows older – it'll help you a lot!

Holding on
"Good morning Geo– oh!"
"Hello Mavis. Could you lend me a hand please?"
"Of course, George. Why are you holding on to the window ledge?"
"Just give me a hand, please, Mavis. I think my grip's starting to give out."
"Oh! Oh yes, of course. Here, grab hold.... My, your fingers are cold!"
"I've been here a while."
"Oh George. Is this your annual suicide attempt again? You told me you were seeing a therapist."
"I am see– I was seeing a– I don't need a therapist, Mavis! And I wasn't attempting suicide."
"Oh good, George, because that's a first-floor window."
"You didn't need to be holding on for so long, George. If you'd let go you'd have fallen about eight feet into the flowerbeds that were dug over. It's been raining–"
"I know."
"– so it would be a soft landing."
"Thank you Mavis, for only telling me now."
"You're welcome, George."

ZeroCore said...

I know all about neglected chores during the holidays. It's time to try and recover the house, but that may wait till after New years.

Holding on:

I could hear the sirens blaring, they have been going on for over an hour now. The thuds of the impacts could almost be heard over the droning of the sirens, the only reason I knew the rounds were still coming in was because I could feel the impact as each one hit. I was playing a game to see if I could guess how far away the missile hit by the feel of the vibrations in the floor.

I'm surprised this building still stood. It has withstood four days of bombing now. Not steady bombing, just 8 to 10 hours a day worth. I have no idea why the bombing started, or even who is doing the bombing. At ten years old you don't think about such things as which country hates which country, you just know that enemy across the school hall because he called you name and you no longer liked him. I have no idea how anybody could hate somebody so much that they would try and destroy everything and everyone around them.

I'm starting to wonder is daddy would ever get back. 7 hours ago he said he would be back, he told me to hold on and he would make his way back with food and water, we are starting to run out. I hope he is okay. Daddy has never lied to me before, he always did what he said, so if he told me to hold on, I would do just that. Right now thats all I have, to remaining holding on, so that's what I'll do.

Marc said...

Greg - I'd be much happier if he'd learn to fall asleep with nobody holding him! That way we might actually be able to get some things done around here :P

Ah, Mavis and George. A happy couple to warm our holiday hearts :D

ZeroCore - I agree completely, the New Year sounds like a fine time for those things.

Great atmosphere and use of perspective in your piece. You've got me pulling for your narrator, though with not much hope for his or her survival.