Tuesday December 11th, 2012

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: Christmas presents.

Looking for a little something special for that writer in your life? Here's a list that you just might find helpful!

Back at the gym this morning. I make note of this strictly to ensure that you guys are aware of when I go, which then allows you to call my lazy butt out when too many days pass between trips to the weight room.


Sorry, little one,
all your gifts are really for
Mom and Dad this year.

*     *     *

So this is Christmas,
my very first one. I love
these empty boxes!


Greg said...

I'd like the coffee from that list. All the coffee. Everyone's coffee, in fact :)
Congratulations on the gym, and I shall look forward to calling you out for not going!
I think I like your first haiku better this week because it's so appropriate. I'm in the middle now of people deciding that only children need Christmas presents, and I completely agree with them. I have enough junk to house without getting more :)

Christmas presents
Shake, shake, crack, tinkle...
Your Christmas present is now
Not quite so pretty.


I thought hard for you,
Chose this very carefully:
It's a gift voucher.

David said...

No wrapping paper
Just be happy you got it
Dad is too lazy

I want that one and
That one and that one and that
One and that one and . . .

Anonymous said...

Such good intentions
Fancy paper and a bow
Where is the receipt?

Marc said...

Greg - I thought you might :)

Hah, nice job with the first one. Well, with both of them, really, but the first in particular.

David - haha, oh man. I read your first one while hearing my own voice in my head. Poor Max...

Anonymous - love it! I'm sure that sentiment will be repeated many, many times around the world this Christmas morning :)