Saturday December 1st, 2012

The exercise:

Welcome to December. To celebrate, each of us shall write a four line poem about: the wish list.

We have a front porch now, with the framework connecting to the deck at the side of the house. Just need to get the decking down on that (hopefully tomorrow, weather permitting) and then finish the railings. I daresay the hard part is behind us.


We ask the kids for wish lists
While reaching for the rum.
Apple everything (shoes too)?
Las Vegas here we come.


Greg said...

It certainly sounds like you've done all the hard work now, but I hope that's not tempting fate! Good going :)

Heh, I like the subtlety in your poem, the last line is great!

The wish list
We wrote our list of wishes
And cast them in the sea
To be eaten by the fishes
And maybe come to be.

[It's a bit short to get across the idea, but given that there's a number of ways of getting wishes "seen" by burning them, I'm going for a maritime version.]

Anonymous said...

interesting slant, marc

cute take on the technique of magical wisk making, greg,


a ring with diamonds
and curtains for the front room,
her wish-list now demands
a new Dyson vacuum

Marc said...

Greg - I like this maritime version. I'm not sure the fish do, but that's neither here nor there :P

Writebite - ooh, I could totally use a Dyson...

Anonymous said...

marc, yup, forget the diamond and curtains, the new dyson is great!