Saturday December 8th, 2012

The exercise:

It's Saturday again, which means it's also four line poem day. I'd very much like for your poem to begin with the words: I wonder.

Big visiting day, as we went up to Penticton to check out the winter farmers market we're not vendoring at this year. Introduced Max to many fellow farmers, and a customer or two as well.

After that we dropped by Kat's Aunt and Uncle's place to show him off there, then stopped in on Kat's friend on the way home for one more visit.

Max, of course, wowed them all.


I wonder what truth is,
And how much we hear fits the bill.
Though if I am honest,
The truth of that would make me ill.


Stas Buttler said...

haha good poem:p

Greg said...

Sounds like you had fun introducing Max to everyone! I'm sure they'll all remember him far better than he remembers them at the moment. I don't think I realised there was a Winter's farmers' market too, but I think you made a good choice not to sell there this year.
Your poem brought a smile to my face this morning. Nice work!

I wonder...
I wonder like a thinking star,
My thoughts all hot and gassy,
If sitting naked in the car
And thinking's all that classy?

Marc said...

Stas - thank you! Feel free to share one of your own :)

Greg - yeah, I imagine it'll be a while before he starts to remember any of the people he's been meeting.

Quite the image you've planted in our heads there :P