Thursday December 27th, 2012

The exercise:

Today's (belated) topic shall be: in sickness and in health.

In case you're wondering why this is getting posted so late...


A few days before guests started arriving for the holidays, Kat's mom came down with a cold. First one she's had in years.

The day before Kat's brother and his family were meant to come, we spoke with them on the phone and discovered that he and his wife were both just getting over the flu. Their little girl Natalie was also dealing with a bit of a cough.

Though my parents managed to get in the door healthy, they both came down with a 24 hour flu while they were here.

Which I came down with yesterday. It actually struck around 5 in the morning and in the following 29 hours the only solid food I consumed was: one egg, and a few bits of turkey and veggies in a soup. That's it.

I had a somewhat proper breakfast this morning, but I'm still feeling very weak. And dehydrated.

Kat's dad has now come down with a cold as well, most likely the one his wife is just getting over.

That's a whole lot of sickness. So the health portion of this prompt?

So far: Kat and Max.

*BOOM*    *BOOM*     *BOOM*

Considering I spent most of the last day and a half worrying about whether or not I'd given my flu to either of them, that's plenty enough healthiness for me.

Oh, and sorry about all that banging earlier. That was just me knocking the crap out of any and all wood that was within reach.


Greg said...

I was wondering what had happened to you today... I was guessing illness of some kind, and hoping it wasn't Max. It sounds like you've got a whole little flu hurricane happening in your house, so here's to hoping that Kat and Max manage to stay in the eye of it and avoid all the illness!
The egg sounds nice :) I hope the soup was chicken, or Jewish Penicillin as it's also known!

In sickness and in health
Ariadne was writing her vows. She had decided that she would get married on August 25th, had hired a wedding planner, bought a gown, and was now working on the vows in an up-market coffee-house with her best friend Myrtle.
"Aren't these things supposed to be foamy?"
"Does it matter, Ari? You're writing your vows, the coffee can keep till later. How far have you got?"
"Well, the traditionalists would be up to in sickness and in health now. And I'm a bit stuck, Myrtie."
"Well yes. I don't want to look after someone who's sick."
"So leave out the sick bit."
"Then I sound like a bitch because I'm only talking about wanting to be married to them while they're healthy."
"Hmm. That is a problem. Ari?"
"What Myrtie?"
"Have you picked someone to marry yet?"
"Not yet."

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, flu hurricane seems like an apt description. And it was turkey soup, which I reckon is close enough :P

Hah! Only because it was you writing it did I suspect from the opening that a groom had yet to be found :)