Saturday July 12th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something or someone that is: picky.

We had a very busy start to the market this morning, as people seemed to be coming out early in order to beat the heat. Things remained pretty steady until around noon, at which point pretty much everybody had either gone home or to the beach.

By that point we only had a few pounds of apricots left, one apple (it drives me a little nuts when someone buys all but the last one like that), several pounds of plums, and about half of the cabbage. Raspberries and green beans had already sold out and we'd done pretty well with our first batch of garlic.

I ended up donating half of the cabbage to the food bank people that come around at the end of every market, and we'll either eat the remaining fruit or save them for the boxes.

All in all a pretty decent market.


He knows what he wants,
It never varies;
So just hand over
All the blueberries


Greg said...

I guess vegetables are less popular than fruit, but it still surprises me that you had nearly half the cabbage leftover. I wouldn't have expected that. That said, a lone apple left behind also surprises me too!
I hope that this meant you didn't have to spent the afternoon sweltering in the heat hoping for someone to come along trying to fill the ingredient list for a plum and cabbage cobbler!
Heh, I guess your poem today is about a customer? I admire his single-mindedness :)

She's as fussy as a nursemaid,
And I think she's OCD.
She eats her food in colour-order
Unless it's pink or peas....

Anonymous said...

None of the vast array of letters
At my fingertips seem to fit.
My story is too great for the
Puny pen lines of this world.

Lily said...

I really like these writing exercises! I just tried this one, and I'll be posting it on my own blog soon. Please feel free to read it and other poems at:
I like these exercises and your little life stories so much, I'd like to nominate you for the "Very Inspiring Blogger" award. Here is a link explaining that award:

Marc said...

Greg - eh, tourists don't usually want vegetables, plus there were quite a few vendors carrying cabbage. I wasn't really expecting to sell it all, but I was hoping to do a bit better with them than that.

I actually had Max in mind. He's been obsessed with blueberries since last summer, though he's grown fond of raisins, cherries, and raspberries as well.

That is a very fun poem to read aloud. I think shall do so again right now.

Ivybennet - really like the voice in this one. I can definitely relate to the first two lines; the last two, less so :P

Lily - thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying them! I hope you continue to find the blog useful and thank you kindly for the nomination :D