Saturday July 26th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: finality.

Market went much better than expected today, as we only came home with about four of the 160'ish pounds of apricots we brought with us. Plus the blackberries, raspberries, gold plums, pickling cukes, and green beans all sold out.

It's always nice at the end of the market when we only have enough stuff left for one table and the other two tables are already folded up and waiting to go in the truck.

Day off tomorrow. Maybe I'll use part of it to get caught up on comments.


The words were soft,
But heavy with finality:
Do it again,
I'll respond with lethality.


Greg said...

That sounds like a good market! And I can imagine that it's nice to be able to finish off at the end by only having to put a small amount of stuff away because you've already tidied everything else up. Well done!
Enjoy your day off, it sounds like you've deserved it :)
Heh, I like that poem. I'm pretty certain I've expressed exactly that sentiment to my team before now!

Unexpectedly caught
After years of criminality
Then dragged below the noose

Marc said...

Greg - thank you, and yours is quite excellent as well! Really enjoyed those final two lines, and in particular how the brevity of the final line works so well.