Tuesday July 1st, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: endings.

Happy Canada Day!

To celebrate, Kat and I harvested all morning for this week's boxes. Genevieve overdid it yesterday in the heat and was not feeling up to helping us (especially right before a long drive home to Calgary), so we did it ourselves.

Definitely a longer day than the last three Tuesdays have been, but we got it done.

Now to up the search for help...


Our time together
has come to its end; I would
do it all again.

*     *     *

Haiku should end at
just the right spot, but I can't
seem to figure this


Greg said...

Well done on the boxes! Did everyone turn up to collect them as well?
And Happy Canada Day to you too!
I think I like both haiku equally today, the first for the sentiment and the second for the amusement :)

I built a monster.
I thought it would be my child,
But it was my death.

Cherry blossom falls,
The axe bites deep in the trunk.
Spring is at an end.

[It's a little bizarre to see the blogger spellchecker underline "axe" as misspelled!]

Anonymous said...

It is natural.
It is inevitable.
Nothing can stop it.

Just because it ends,
Doesn’t mean you should be scared
To start something new.

Abhi M said...

Its sad that
we remember the sad endings
than the cheerful beginnings

There is always
a door that shines light
at a place that ends in darkness

Aholiab said...


College days are over.
New job, new city, new home.
My nest is empty

Rain stops, lightning fades,
Thunder peals subside softly,
Perfect rainbow arch

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, I think mostly because I sent out an email on Monday asking people to bring back the cardboard boxes they'd been receiving their produce in. I'd stocked up on them over the winter but they went quick, what with 13 boxes every week.

I really like your second haiku this week. It just really paints a picture for me.

Ivybennet - I feel like your second haiku should go up on my fridge, so thank you for that :)

Abhi - I really like the imagery and sentiment in your second poem!

Aholiab - I like that your first one was about the parent, not the child, as I wasn't expecting that. And your second haiku is just lovely.