Wednesday July 16th, 2014

The exercise:

Write about something that is or being: among the stars.

So I've got another theme week in the works. Not sure when I'm going to start it, but I'll likely save it until next Monday unless the timing works out better for another day.

Taking the car up to Penticton tomorrow afternoon to finally get the ignition replaced. GM sent out recall notices... I don't even remember when we got our first one. April? Anyway, they admitted there was a defect in their ignition switches but parts weren't currently available. Then parts started becoming available to order so I called the GM dealer in Penticton and had to wait until the parts came in.

They called me back on Monday (which was about a month later than they said it would be in) so I booked an appointment for tomorrow. I'd say it'll be nice to finally have it taken care of... except since then I've received another recall notice for a different issue and you'll never imagine it... but the parts aren't available for that either.

So I guess I'll be going through this again in another... oh, six months or so.


Some might say that I am overshadowed by my sparkling companions. That I will never have songs or poems or stories written about me, that no heartbroken lover will ever beg me for favors.

I am okay with this. All of this. For I know the truth.

It is not a complicated one. In fact, I would say it is quite obvious. So obvious, even, that I suspect everyone knows it... though they may not be aware of it.

For, quite simply, without me, those brilliant, shining lights would garner no fame, no glory, no adoration. Men, women, children... none of them would gaze upward during the night in order to find constellations, comets, meaning... if it were not for me.

I find easy comfort in this knowledge. I know my place in the universe, which is more than most can say.

For I am the background, the foundation, the blackness between the stars.


Greg said...

A theme week sounds interesting! I shall look forward to it with impatience :) And though it risks delaying it, I shall point out that Tuesday is two-haiku day, which is probably the trickiest day for theme week so might be the better day to start on.
The recall notice intrigues me, if only because of the length of time it's taken! I guess the ignition isn't considered a life-threatening defect, but it still feels like a recall notice should be accompanied with the provision of the replacement parts. Still, it sounds like your ignition's not failing (yet) so that's a good thing!
Hah, nice little twist at the end of yours today; I definitely didn't guess what you were up to. And, though it goes without saying, excellent choice of language for describing your heavenly vision!

Among the stars
"Computer, show me the astrogation charts," said Captain Hollister. His voice was crisp and authoritarian and belied his youthful good looks. Olivia, sat at the communications console while Yoohoo was making coffee, felt a burst of maternal affection for him.
"Downloading system update," replied the computer. For a while computers had used synthesized human voices, but they'd gradually irritated people to the point of violence so now they were carefully modulated, flat, almost mechanical sounding instead. They delivered good and bad news impartially, which Olivia personally found more irritating.
"Cancel," said Captain Hollister. "Show astrogation charts!"
"Downloading system update," replied the computer. "Update is mandatory. A system restart will be required when the download is complete."
Olivia looked over at the Captain, whose face was ashy grey. Yoohoo returned with the coffee, placed it on the console, and then sat in Olivia's lap.
"Computer, we're less than 7,000km from the Vangolem belt," said Captain Hollister. The Vangolem belt was a notoriously tricky stretch of space where stars clustered together and stretched space-time tight and thin. "Cancel download and get the bloody maps up!"
"Language, Timothy!" said the computer. Everyone looked puzzled; the computer appeared to reference obscure British comedy shows from centuries earlier from time to time. Wikipedia was blamed.
"What happens now?" asked Olivia, her hands comfortably around Yoohoo's slender waist and her eyes straying to the D-raft's doors.
"Pray," said Captain Hollister gloomily.

morganna said...

I have catered to them,
Babied them, made them who they are,
And for what?
A sweet silver watch when I retire?
I don't think so.

The best personal assistant
This side of Hollywood is
Going out with a bang!

Marc said...

Greg - well, apparently it caused more than a few accidents, some of which ended in fatalities. But they provided a pretty simple workaround (use only the key in the ignition, with no key chain) that they tested very thoroughly. I'm still happier now that I've got it replaced, obviously, but I wasn't overly concerned.

Wonderful descriptions in yours, as usual. Really brings the scene to life, though I do not envy those portrayed in it!

Morganna - hah, I like the attitude in this one. And I don't blame the PA one little bit :)