Tuesday July 8th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: overheating.

Well that was a much more manageable box day. Amazing the difference one person can make.

We even had time for a quick trip to the beach after lunch! Mostly because Max wasn't interested in napping. Also because it was stupid, stupid hot out.

Still is, really. We had to get the air conditioner out of the basement and back into our bedroom window this afternoon. Out here in the living room is still miserably hot though.

I suppose I should go to bed, if for no other reason than to cool off.


Melted thoughts drip out
my ear while my eyes stare at
nothing but thin air

*     *     *

An empty highway,
except for the lone parked car
wreathed in engine smoke


Greg said...

Swamp cooler time for the living room then? (Electric fan set in front of a dish of ice or bowl of cold water so that the air is cooled by being blown over it). I don't envy you the heat, and I continue to believe that I'd be happier living in an ice age :)
I like your first haiku better today, but it's a very close call as the second haiku is a great image!

This overeating
Is surely the root cause of
Your overheating.

A tanned face smiles up,
While the devil sweats and swears;
Now he's Hell's stoker.

morganna said...

Can't breathe, vision swims
Need cold liquid pouring down
Not this clammy sweat

Aholiab said...


Bright Texas summer
Fahrenheit or Celsius
Either way, it’s hot

I made a mistake.
Boss says it’s catastrophic.
His face is so red!

Marc said...

Greg - I have definitely done swamp cooling before. If the heat comes back around again I might have to go that route.

Heh, I quite like the imagery and idea behind your second haiku this week :)

Morganna - yes, exactly this. Exactly this.

Aholiab - it really doesn't matter what measurement people use, does it? Stupid hot is stupid hot on any scale.

Also: I really like your final line in the second haiku. Perhaps because I can only read it in a voice of childish wonder...