Friday August 29th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the slide.

Jeez, August is almost over already? That seems a little fast.

Ready to roll for another market tomorrow morning. The berries are starting to slow down, but the fruit is kicking into high gear. It's a long weekend, so hopefully everybody comes out for their local fruit fix.

Going with Kat and Max again, but at least we'll be in our usual spot, with lots of park space directly behind us for him to run around on. Fingers crossed everybody has a decent sleep tonight, as that always helps everything.


Steep metal steps lead me up and up, slowly but surely. The staircase is narrow and there are others following close behind; turning back is not an option. Not unless I want to be showered with shame, never able to return to this playground again.

So up I go, continuing on until the inevitable, gut-wrenching, scaring-for-life slide back down to earth.


Greg said...

The long weekend was last weekend in the UK, so I hope you enjoy yours and the gradual descent into September :) Does the park space mean that there's a park on Main Street, or just that your usual spot is near a side-street with the park attached to that?
Your slider reminds me of your diver from not-so-very-long-ago! Although since the slider has to climb to the top, they're at least preparing themselves mentally (or not...) in the process :) Nice work!

The slide
Ms. Monkton frowned as she looked over the architect's plans. "I don't understand this bit," she said, pointed at a long, sinuous curve that ran from the ceiling, down eight stories, and terminated at the floor.
"That's the slide, ma'am," said the architect, a small, moustachioed man whose business card announced him as Scaramouche.
"But this is a meat-processing plant," said Ms. Monkton.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, there's a park directly behind our spot on Main Street. Pretty handy.

Hmm, me thinks Scaramouche is up to no good...