Tuesday August 12th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the night.

Kat's brother and his family arrived in time for dinner this evening, and Max started playing with his cousin Natalie shortly after that. They didn't stop until well after dark, by which point all of the adults were quite ready for bed (those who hadn't already gone to sleep anyway).

I expect more of the same tomorrow.

Box day went quite smoothly, though there was a lot of extra work to be done with the nectarines. We had a lot leftover after Saturday's market and with more coming off the trees Sunday night, and even more due to be picked later this week, we needed to move them fast.

So we offered a pretty heavy discount to our local customers and they responded by snatching up 130 pounds of them. Throw in the 20 or so pounds that was distributed through the boxes this afternoon and pretty much all of the extras have been taken care of.

I'm sure, with all the extra guests around this week, we'll manage to eat our way through the rest without much trouble.


Under your cover
secrets are hidden away
from day's prying eyes

*     *     *

A long, peaceful break
from the chaos of my... oh.
Hi, insomnia.


morganna said...

Unearthly noises?
Just an unhappy little
Girl in the midnight.

ivybennet said...

Dark, mysterious,
And unimaginably
Beautiful longing.

Where dreams are crafted,
Inhibitions forgotten,
And desires unfold.

Greg said...

@Morganna: you definitely have a knack for these, I quite envy you. Beautifully done!

@Ivybennet: I think I prefer your second this week, which seems quite enthralling somehow :)

@Marc: Those nectarines sound delicious, and the sheer quantities you have and manage to sell never ceases to amaze me! I'm sure your guests must pick harvest season to visit with this in mind :)
I prefer your second haiku better this week as well, because the last line is hilarious!

the Night
O Nox Aeterna!
Conceal these imperfections,
Keep me with you now.

This nightclub is odd:
It's dark, there's a moon and stars...
even in the day.

Marc said...

Morganna - that's very nicely done. Great take on the prompt.

Ivybennet - hard to pick a favorite here, these are both very good. Perhaps, like Greg, I'll go with the second.

Greg - glad you enjoyed my second, as it's my favorite as well :)

The nightclub described in your second intrigues me, but I think I still like your first best. Those first two lines in particular.

Calen Wright said...

Hi Marc! I am a student at Gardner-Webb University, and I chose this prompt because, recently, I had a dream about being a murderer in the night.

Darkness from under the bed
Sinister smile
Knife in hand with a dull glint

Above me a little girl
Sweet dreams, my princess
You will be mine soon enough

Marc said...

Calen - hello and welcome to the blog :)

Thanks for stopping in and sharing your writing with us - hope to see more from you around here!

Dreams are strange things, aren't they? Who knows where some of that stuff comes from.

You've managed to transform your dream into some seriously creepy poetry. Nice work!