Thursday August 28th, 2014

The exercise:

Write about: the password.

More weed eating this morning. I could hardly forget, since my hands are still vibrating.

Taking a break from the machinery tomorrow as it's time once again to harvest for the market. It's going to be mostly berries this week on our end, with lots of fruit (apples, pears, peaches, nectarines) coming from Kat's parents.

We don't have any helpers though, so I should probably get to bed and rest up for what promises to be a long day. A long couple of days, if I include the market itself.


Early one Sunday morning (well, it was nearly noon, but that was early for him) in October, Glen Bishop sat down at his computer desk and thumbed on the power. While he waited for the mysterious start up process to complete he began to notice a few things about his immediate surroundings.

And what he saw worried him.

Two empty beer bottles lay next to his mouse pad, almost touching but not quite. Just like how he and Kelly used to lay in bed together at night. On the floor at his feet three more empties clinked together as he rotated in his seat, trying to see into the kitchen down the hall. There, he found the most damning evidence of all.

A half empty bottle of whiskey.

"Not good," he muttered as the computer finished booting and presented him with the logon screen. By this point he knew it was pointless, but he tried his password anyway.

The error message was so expected that he barely bothered to read it.

Clearly he had decided to change his password at the height of one of his infamous benders. It could be anything. Likely misspelled, it was safe to say.

"Well," he said as he got up and headed for the bottle in the kitchen, "there's only way one of solving this little conundrum..."


Greg said...

That vibration's not a good thing. I have a friend who works in the area of high-payout injury claims, and VWF (Vibration White Finger) is one of those areas. So I'd say that the safety precautions are really there for a good reason with those machines!
Good luck with the harvest and market, it sounds like they're going to be tiring. But I know you'll manage it with style and aplomb!
Glen Bishop is an interesting character with an interesting approach to solving problems! I hope we see more of him from time to time :) (Which reminds me, we've not see Henri in a while.) The incidental details really bring the scene to life, nice work!

The password
"What's the password?"
"Derek? What on earth do you mean?"
"You can't come in without the password! What's the password?"
"Derek... are you feeling ok? You were looking a little peaky this morning when you came in–"
"–Bzzt! Wrong! That's not the password and you can't come in! Ner ner!"
"Right. I see."
"Mavis? Are you still there Mavis? I can't believe that worked!"
"I'm still here Derek, I was just finding the spare key to your office door."
"Wha– NO!"
"Don't be silly Derek, the tax inspector here needs to tal– oh. Oh dear, Derek, you have been a naughty boy, haven't you?"
"Don't tell mummy, please, Mavis?"

morganna said...

Please enter
A seven letter &
Word --
Only here to keep you safe
Don't tell anyone!

Marc said...

Greg - okay, maybe I should have said that it seemed like it was still vibrating. It was mostly just numb by that point :P

Hmm, more from Glen? I shall take that under consideration. Also Henri. Always, Henri.

That ending leaves a lot to the imagination. Too much, perhaps. In my case at least...

Morganna - ... and now it's forgotten. An ultra secure password is one that nobody remembers, even the one who created it.