Thursday August 7th, 2014

The exercise:

Write about: the brush.

We now have two WWOOFers staying with us, as Carolyn joined us this afternoon. That came together pretty quickly. Plus we were contacted by another WWOOFer who is interested in joining us on Monday for a two week stay.

Just when we think it's just going to be the three of us again...


Golden spirals
Pulling me down
To days long past;
Fond memories
That seem to be
Fading too fast.

Gentle whispers,
Soft and gentle
As a brush stroke,
Missing today
And fading faster
Than cigarette smoke.


Anonymous said...

Swish. Swish.
Soft numbers muttered between smiling lips.
Protective hands guiding, petting, untangling.
Swish. Swish. Swish.

How I long for those days when
Daddy would brush my hair every night.
Making it soft, silky, shiny even
In the low light of my bedroom.
There was strength in his gaze,
The promise of never getting hurt
As long as it was just us. The
Brush was his magic wand,
Bestowing on me his power
With each stroke through my
Curly maple locks, power I
Wish stayed with me and came
To my aid when the low light faded into darkness.

Greg said...

From nought to sixty in just a day! It sounds like you'll be running out of things to harvest with all these helpers around! Good timing too, as they're all in place for the market on Saturday :)
That's a sweet image your poem paints, and I particularly like the cigarette smoke image in the last couplet.

The brush
Tenuous and tenebrous,
Gossamer silk stretched out to break-
ing point.
Dipped in Stygian ink
Made from bitter, bitter gall.
Words painted on the page
Holding unsuspecting minds in
The brush caresses,
The palimpsest
Tearing fibres as gently as a love-
r breaks your heart.
Go gently into that dark.

Marc said...

Ivybennet - wonderfully evocative poetry. Tells a rich story with hardly a word wasted. Lovely work here.

Greg - this one feels inspired to me. Some really excellent lines and I love what you did with the line breaks.

Gorgeous word choice throughout as well. Really, really like this one.