Saturday August 30th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: echoes.

Well, that was a busy market. We sold out of corn and berries (as expected), nectarines (as hoped), and apples (bit of a surprise). Our main seller were the peaches, though, as we brought 17 crates with us and only came home with about one and a half.

That, I can say with complete confidence, was not the least bit expected.

This evening, after a short rest after we got home from the market, we went up to Oliver for a potluck dinner. It was a lot of fun, with lots of kids for Max to play with and parents for Kat and I to relate to. We weren't too sure if we'd be up to going, and we were certainly quite tired, but I'm glad we made the effort.


I am not alone here,
The voices keep me company.
They are my dearest friends,
Even if it's only me...


Greg said...

Well done with the market, that sounds like a great day! And you still have a peach or two for yourselves over the coming days :) And that's a cute little poem, especially given the length of the day you'd had before writing it. Great work. (I guess, looking back now, that four line prose day and four line poem day have turned out to be at exactly the right place in the week!)

Narcissus gazes at the water,
While Echo hides nearby.
He's deeply taken by his face,
While she can only cry.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, the four line days are perfect for the growing season. The timing matters less in the winter, but otherwise it's pretty ideal.

Aw, poor Echo. Beautifully captured.