Tuesday August 26th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the tycoon.

Boxes went quite smoothly today, thanks in part to Kat's mom being able to hang out with Max for the second half of the morning.

I had him for the first half before joining Kat in the garden, and we ran a couple errands in town before going for coffee/snack time. While we were there we ran into our friend from the bakery and his son, so we even slipped in some nice social time.

And to top it all off, nobody arrived early to pick up their box! Miracles, it would seem, do indeed happen.


I could find my life
savings in his couch, yet the
bastard won't tip me

*     *     *

I count my money,
then lose my place - that's at least
a month's work wasted.


Greg said...

So do you and Kat fight over who gets to go and garden and who has to spend time with Max then, or is it the other way round? ;-) Sounds like a productive day! Mine... well, as you saw, your prompt yesterday, and that fact I've just finished reading Cold Comfort Farm, produced Droplets in both its short version here and the longer version elsewhere. I might have a little more to say with those characters too, if only because the farmhouse itself intrigues me.
I think I like your first haiku better today because of the dismissiveness it conveys, which isn't quite what you expect from a haiku! The second one makes me think of Scrooge McDuck which is never a bad thing!

The tycoon
He's wet and windy,
Pacific-born – wait, you said
Tycoon, not typhoon?

More money than sense
He hires folk to think for him...
and spend his spare change.

morganna said...

More money than I
Can ever spend, more stuff than
I can ever use

How can I get more?
More, more, more, my greedy mind
Can't be happy. More!

Anonymous said...

Smokey clouds roll in
While the sobbing wind brings forth
The sky’s salty tears.

If Mother Nature is kind,
Her husband, Time, is the worst
Entity alive.

Marc said...

Greg - nah, one of us usually needs a break from one or the other so it generally works out.

I kinda like the idea of a wet and windy tycoon, actually...

Morganna - I feel like your first one would be an uncomfortably true read for most tycoons.

Ivybennet - I think you might have misread the prompt as typhoon, but I'm not complaining since it produced two excellent haiku! I think I like your first the most, but it's close.