Saturday August 2nd, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: a bad service experience.

Real or fictional, it matters not to me.

Inspired by real events, by the way. My sister and brother-in-law had their car serviced in Calgary yesterday, but apparently they didn't screw the oil drain plug enough, as it came off during the drive last night. While doing 90 km/h.

Needless to say, the engine didn't care for that.

So now the service center in Calgary is paying for their rental car, the cost of the tow to the nearest service station, and a replacement engine.

That's a pretty costly screw up on their end.

But they made it here this afternoon safe and sound and Max is absolutely loving having them around. Looking forward to a day off with family tomorrow.

Oh, the market went very well (though they had to miss it due to having to wait around for a rental car to become available). Sold out of berries, pickling cukes, plums, tomatoes, and all but one apple. Most of the peaches and nectarines were bought as well. Moved a few cucumbers too, and ate a bunch more in the salad Kat made up to go with dinner this evening.

Anyway. I've been up since 5:30 this morning and I need to get to sleep. So...


I did some real nice work,
All things told.
Except for the drain plug...
That should hold.


Greg said...

Wow, that's quite the mistake to make! I'm glad that they've got the service centre paying for everything, as it certainly sounds like it was entirely their fault. While I accept that people aren't perfect, that's not the kind of mistake that should pass quality control :)
Heh, I love that you managed to sell all but one apple... how does that even happen? I guess some people are just determined to get exactly what they came for and no more.
And... great little four line poem to commemorate the event! I hope your sister likes it too.

Bad Service
I asked for a room with a view
(I may have been grumpy, it's true).
But this hole in the wall,
– three feet wide and eight tall –
Is a view that I've just fallen through!

[OK, so it's a limerick actually, but I thought you wouldn't mind this time :)]

Marc said...

Greg - no, that's a pretty massive balls up. I would not want to be the mechanic responsible for it. Or his supervisor for that matter, now that you've got me thinking along those lines.

Yeah... that drives me a little nuts. Because when there is only one left of something, it almost never sells. Had I been there when the last person to buy apples was making their purchase, I would have just given them the last one.

I will let it pass. This time :P

Mostly because it made me smile. Also because I've never been big on enforcing the blog 'rules'.