Friday September 12th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about a: catchphrase.

The truck is pretty much packed up and ready to go - all of the plums and tomatoes are loaded up, along with the Aurora apples. I just need to pull a crate of McIntosh apples and a few pints of berries out of the cooler, get the tables to fit into a reasonably secure spot, and then it will be time to come back home to pick up Kat and Max.

Obviously it's not going to be a super lucrative market, but hopefully we'll be able to move most of the apples and plums, along with our limited number of berries and cherry tomatoes.

And maybe sell some cards too. That would be nice.


"Never mind all that then," Grandma loved to say, "let's sit down and have some tea."

As far as catchphrases go, it wasn't much. Even Eat my shorts had more to offer when difficult situations arose.

But I'll be damned if it didn't work every single time she used it on me.


Greg said...

How many markets are left this year? I know you've been counting down the box programme days, so I guess the markets must be coming to close soon as well? Still, it sounds like it'll be an easy market for you, even if it's not a high-revenue one :)
Hmm, Grandma's and their catchphrases. That's a very effective combination, as you've pointed out!

The catchphrase
It was written on a plaque outside the door to his office: "With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine." He was very fond of quoting it as well, so much so that his colleagues (mostly affectionately) referred to him as the flying-pig man when they talked to suppliers or their families, or even on prime-time chat-shows. And while it was, strictly speaking, true, no-one expected him to actually make good on it.
Until he did, of course.

[And something that you might remember from your days as a project manager, Marc, and one I seem to use a lot these days, "Nine women, one month!"]

Anonymous said...

Hipek gave me a brief smile, the real one I’d seen since Crispin died.
“I know it seems as though Fate’s plan is clouded or unattainable. Fire your own arrow and It’s path will be straight and narrow. You will succeed at this, Tori.”

Marc said...

Greg - the markets go until the last Saturday in October, but I'm not sure we'll go that long. Probably end with Thanksgiving long weekend, as those last few are not usually worth the effort. Maybe if the weather is nice... but probably not.

Hah, that is an excellent catchphrase. I might have to adopt it!

And I actually had to look yours up, as I'd never heard it before. I quite like it though! I think I've heard something along those lines, but I can't think of how it goes at the moment.

Ivybennet - for an entirely fictional catchphrase, that is quite excellent! Consider me impressed :)