Saturday September 27th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the flash.

Went to the Vancouver farmers market this morning (because of course we did) and met up with a friend of Kat's there. They went for lunch afterward while Max and I came back here to eat and hang out and try to convince him to nap.

So he napped when Kat returned.

This afternoon I took a walk down to MEC and picked up a new jacket, pants, and sunglasses, all of which were pretty badly needed. Then we met up with another friend for dinner at The Reef, a very convenient two minute walk away.

We'll be making one more quick stop in the morning to visit another friend at his place before taking to the roads and heading for Osoyoos. This trip has gone by in a hurry.


I didn't really notice
What she was wearing,
Then I caught a flash of red
And now I can't stop staring


Greg said...

I think it's normal to check things out that you do as well. I hope you came away from the Farmer's market confident that you do it better, but with one or two ideas of things that might be interesting to try :)
Mec looks outdoorsy and vibrant, which I think fits you rather well :) Though isn't it the wrong half of the year for sunglasses? ;-)
Nice poem, I think it catches perfectly that momemt of distraction that suddenly into fascinating attraction!

The flash
Thunder rolls around me,
But the world stays dark and hidden,
The rain will hammer down soon,
And lightning flashes are forbidden.

Anonymous said...

We were as a dying sun:
The brightest flash ever seen from
Mediocre mortals or the divine heavens
Before burning out into blackness.

Nicole Major said...

The clouds rolled in,
The thunder boomed.
Lightning flashed,
I think we're all doomed.

Marc said...

Greg - well with the sun never getting particularly high in the sky at this time of year, it seems to spend more time getting in my eyes. When the clouds aren't in the way, anyway.

Forbidden lightning flashes? Consider me intrigued.

Ivybennet - lovely imagery, great word choice, and... very sad.

Nicole - hah, I remember thinking something along those lines when I was a little one :)