Tuesday September 30th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: October.

The end of September has arrived. That seems... a little quick.

Boxes went quite smoothly today, even with me having to do the remaining work by myself. I finished off the harvest this morning, partly before Kat left for OK Falls and mostly while Max was with his grandparents in the orchard. After bringing him back home to have lunch with me, we played until Kat returned.

At that point we both expected it to be nap time. It was not.

So Kat hung out with him while I went to bring all the produce down to our house in order to put them in their various boxes. As I finished getting it all off the truck and onto the deck I came inside to grab something... just in time to see them disappearing into the bedroom for nap time.

I put all the boxes together, plus a couple of local orders, and then waited for them to be collected.

And now... only one more week to go.



A fine month indeed -
how could it not be? For it's
home to my birthday

*     *     *

Fallen golden leaves
whisper secrets as short ghosts
in sneakers walk by


morganna said...

A gust of wind, a
Sudden downpour, a wet start
To this October.

Tiny ghosts, goblins
Fill the streets, collecting sweets
From house to house.

Anonymous said...

The leaves change colors,
The wind grows cold with each breath.
Lovely autumn’s smile.

With pumpkins and treats,
You hear frightened little screams,
October is here.

Greg said...

@Morganna: I think I like your second better this time, but the first one was definitely a close second-place! Especially since you've described the weather in the UK perfectly!

@Marc: aw, does this mean that you missed out on nap time today then? Maybe they'll let you go to bed early instead ;-)
I think your second haiku is my favourite as well, for similar reasons to Morganna's: the references to Hallowe'en win me over completely. But of course, your first completely explains why October is your favourite month. Thirty-five this year? :-P

It feels like summer
Won't end this year. October
makes it five months now.

Brown leaves fall from trees
Autumn is proudly naked!
Waiting Winter's chill.

Marc said...

Morganna - oh, I like both of yours... but perhaps the first slightly more.

Ivybennet - I think the final line of your first haiku makes it my favorite this week.

Greg - thirty-six! Have to keep up with the wife :P

Your first haiku describes the first half of this month around here, while your second more closely resembles the second half. I find that terribly appealing at the moment.