Saturday September 13th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the eruption.

Well that was certainly a disappointing market. The weather was lovely, though admittedly quite cold first thing, but for whatever reason people just weren't all that interested in what we had to offer. Aurora apples are my personal favorite of all the apples that are grown here, but it's still quite new and not well known.

We offered samples, which in previous years led to a lot of purchases, but they weren't doing the trick this morning.

Ah well, next week is sure to be better, as we'll have the very well known and very popular Ambrosia apples with us for the first time this year.


Black ash chokes the air,
Red lava flows like a boiling river;
Run now, run quick,
Or remain in this place forever.


Greg said...

That is a shame about the market, and also the apples. I guess people need a little more education... perhaps you could get Max to tug people's sleeves and tell them they're stupid for missing the best apples? ;-) Good luck next with the Ambrosia apples then!
I'm guessing that you've been reading about Pompeii lately, given today's prompt and that rather dramatic little verse you've accompanied it with? Nice work!

The eruption
Expectoration, eructation,
Mom's not looking happy.
Micturation out the window?
Eruption: bed with no tea.

Anonymous said...

Smoked lungs cannot breathe
Nor can burnt flesh feel,
Stop this anger from consuming me,
Stop this blackness that I fear.

Marc said...

Greg - that is an excellent suggestion. Max can be very convincing when he wants to be...

Pompeii was on my mind while I was writing that, but I couldn't say why. Thank you though!

I had to look up almost half the words in your poem, but once I did it was definitely worth the effort :D

Ivybennet - love your opening lines. And the poem overall as well, obviously. Just especially those first two lines.

Nikki Mann said...

She stood on the precipice.
She watched her world burn.
In the form of dropped bombs,
The volcano erupted.

Marc said...

Nikki - pleased to see you jumped right in with takes on multiple prompts!

Great imagery here, you've painted a very clear and dramatic picture in my head.