Friday September 26th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: overdoing it.

Went shopping this morning to get Max some new clothes and shoes, because he seems intent on continuing to grow. Also picked up some groceries for ourselves and veggies for this evening's BBQ dinner.

We were going to make a few more stops but by then it was getting toward Max's nap time and everybody was pretty sick of the crowds and general madness of the city.

So we returned to our friends place and recuperated before they came home from work. Shortly after that two more friends arrived and we had a very nice dinner of chicken, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, asparagus, onions, and garlic done up on the BBQ.

Max seemed to enjoy himself, and everyone else seemed to enjoy him too. Though by the end of the night he was obviously over-tired and overly wound up. Either that or he was drunk, but I'm pretty sure we kept him away from the wine...


"I think that's more than enough, dear."

"One more, just one more, just a little bit more!"

"I think we've gone well beyond overdoing it now, dear. And... well, I should have known better than to let my five year old niece do my makeup."


Greg said...

It sounds like Max had quite the day! I guess they're a lot longer when you're only little though, and kids are quite cute, though cranky, when they've been up too long. So are dogs, actually :)
Heh, sometimes I wish there were pictures with your prose... ;-)

Overdoing it
"Chef, I think you're overdoing it!"
"What are you talking about, idiot waitron? I think I know how to cook Sichuan food since I lived there for eighteen years!"
"Everyone's started breathing fire, Chef...."

Anonymous said...

“Holy shit mom, really?”
I looked around the kitchen to find every surface and appliance so clean, it was actually sparkling in the yellow light streaming from the window.
“What? I was stressed!”

Nicole Major said...

The tiles reflected my image. The pencils were organized by height, each sharpened until it matched the image on the cardboard box it came with. The computer screen and keyboard seemed to shimmer with its impressive lack of dust. The boy smiled sheepishly.
"Don't you think you're-"
"Overdoing it?" he interrupted, still smiling. "No, quite frankly, I do not."

Marc said...

Greg - breathing fire? I'd say he's done just the right amount... assuming you're up for some dragon-style duels!

Ivybennet - heh, not the worst possible response to stress :)

Nicole - love that little detail about the pencils matching the picture on the box, that's nicely done.