Saturday September 20th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: goats.

Because Saturday night has become a movie night recently. There are some benefits of Max having to get up super early with us and then only napping on the truck ride home after the market. Early bed times are much appreciated.

Much, much, much better market this week. We arrived with something like 28 crates of our various apples and only brought home 2.5, almost entirely Spartan. People were excited to see the Ambrosia and I guess that spilled over to trying out the Auroras as well.

Either way, that was good stuff. We'll be missing next week's market, as we'll be returning from Vancouver and its environs on Sunday, so it was nice to begin our break on such a positive note.


Shoes, shirts, maps, money,
They'll eat it all -
So let's set them loose
Inside the mall!


Greg said...

Will we be getting scheduled posts while you're off in Vancouver and its Environs? Or will you be nomadically attempting to find free wifi on your travels and report in :)
THe market does sound like a good one, and it's nice to hear your customers are opening up to Aurora! Though as I remember I like Spartans, it's one of the varieties that we have over here as well.
Heh, I love the humour and energy in your poem! The first line made me think they were tourists at first... though I suppose you could get goat-tourists if you tried!

I thought I'd try farming llamas,
And shearing and selling their coats.
But then I wanted pyjamas,
So I swapped the llamas for goats.

Anonymous said...

Tuft of beard, large black eyes,
Small pointed horns reaching high.
The cutest bleep you’ve ever heard
But the energy on those four hooves is absurd!

Nikki Mann said...

That'd be interesting to see an army of goats in a mall!

I don't live by a ranch or farm,
So you should understand my alarm.
Soggy clothing and torn up notes
My house has been invaded by a fleet of goats!

Marc said...

Greg - I'm all about the free WiFi my friend. Currently I'm snagging the neighbour's unprotected signal, which requires holding the laptop in just the right (and obviously super awkward) spot...

That is a seriously fun poem to read aloud. I think shall do it again!

Ivybennet - hah, that's a great little ode to goats :)

Nikki - yeah, that's quite the mental image, isn't it? :)

Speaking of fun mental images... Haha, I love the choice to refer to them as a 'fleet' of goats :D