Friday December 12th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the method in the madness.

I forget where I left off with that whole website product photo shoot business. I feel like I haven't mentioned it since, so I'm just going to run with that. You know, instead of actually looking back on the blog to see what I did or didn't say.

Anyway. I consulted with my photographer friend about the job, sent a quote to the vendor with what I figured I'd do the job for (with fingers crossed it would seem reasonable), and he accepted. We've had trouble figuring out a time to meet in order to hammer out the details and for me to get the products I'll be shooting, but that finally happened this evening in Penticton.

I now have a very good idea of what he'd like, no idea how to do it, and a tentative deadline of next Saturday to get it done by. Wheeeeee...

I also, thankfully, have sent an email to my friend to see if he's got some free time in the next week to help me out with this. Hopefully he does. Otherwise I'll just have to figure it out on my own.



"Twelve... Fourteen... Thirty-seven... Eighty-two... these house numbers make absolutely no sense!"

"Sure they do."

"And how do you figure that, genius?"

"You just have to account for the invisible houses in between all the ones we can see."


Greg said...

It's good to hear that the photo shoot is going to happen and is moving along! I hope your friend is helpful and that you'll have plenty of light around to shoot in :) And I look forward to hearing about it as well!
Hmm, I like your reason for the house numbers, and now I want to live in one of those invisible houses. Unless they only exist in Canada of course?

Method in the madness
"Tom, I think this guy's escaped from a lunatic asylum," whispered the director to his casting assistant.
"Oh, that's Kelvin McCoy, he's a method actor," whispered Tom. "He spent four weeks in the Happy Castle Mental Hospital for the criminally insane to research this part."
"Well that's great," whispered the director, "but that was Samantha's nose he's just finished chewing off."

David said...

The sickness afflicted the North family first. It was October and it looked as if every leaf in town had made its home on their lawn. The neighbors noticed the leaves, then the smells, and then the screams which they could not determine were from father or son. However, the two gunshots, they knew, took care of them both.

Marc said...

Greg - I, too, would like to live in an invisible house. If only for the joy of scaring the crap out of passersby when I walk out the door and appear to come out of nowhere!

I quite like the sound of the Happy Castle Mental Hospital. I feel like there are many stories to be told waiting within those walls.

David - ugh, creepy and haunting. I would not want to have been a neighbor to the North family.