Tuesday December 2nd, 2014

The exercise:

Okay, I promised you guys a theme for the next seven days, so here it is: secret agent week.

This was actually suggested by Greg a long, long time ago and I happened to come across it recently while searching the blog for something else. That comment, for the record, took me a long time to find. Obviously because I was actually looking for it this time.

Anyway, this will work the same way as previous theme weeks - the next seven days will feature connected prompts and you are welcome to join me in writing a story which continues through them. Alternatively, you can just write on each day's prompt individually, as we usually do.

Also? It's Two Haiku Tuesday, but feel free to skip that format this week if you're beginning your story today. I'm sticking with it, mostly because I think I need it to help me figure out where I'll be going with this theme.

Okay? Okay. Let's get to it.

Write two haiku (or however many paragraphs you need) about: the agent.


Average height, average
looks; he blends in by seeming
to be one of us

*     *     *

But with a toolkit
that would make James Bond swoon, he
is anything but


Anonymous said...

Oh! I've never done one of these before. Some prompts remind me of story ideas and I usually decide to go that route instead of making things up. But having a week of continuing prompts? I'm so excited!

The Agent

Ordinary man.
Not quite different from you.
Yet possesses skills.

You will never see
If he doesn’t wish you to.
That man dressed in black.

Greg said...

Heh, that was a while back, wasn't it? I admit I was expecting something Christmas themed, but this seems like it's got even more potential, and you get to kill people ;-) Since you resisted for the last installment of Vancouver Irrealis.
Heh, I like your description of your secret agent, and he sounds like a character I'm going to enjoy seeing more of over these pages! Especially that tool-kit... :-D

The Agent (Rupert Harrington-Goss)
He's called the Cleaner
because he leaves nobody
behind when he works.

His licence to kill
is over-extended; he
kils because he can.

David said...

The Barber sat at a bar. An open air little place, tucked in an alley, which was good as it only held a dozen seats for its discreet clientele. Smooth jazz played, the perfect soundtrack to break someone’s bones. Which had not happened today. But the day was young, and the Barber grew impatient. A rare state for a man of impeccable discipline. You may have noticed the Barber or you may have just walked right past him. He was that type of guy. One who let you see as much as he wanted, or you deserved. Sometimes you did not want to deserve his attention. He ran his hand across his neatly shaved face, a few drops of sweat on his forehead. No matter how much he tried, he had still not been able to stop his body from perspiring. The music bore into his brain, monotonous chipper finger picking. The Barber was a man who noticed everything on a normal day, in a place with little stimulus, he over fixated on the few details in front of him. Every note, every drumbeat, every edgeless bit. He would wait for five more minutes. His time was worth more than this. The ceiling fan pushed the music along the ceiling. He swore he could see the notes spin and dissipate above him.

“Hello Michael.”

She had slipped in next to him. Unseen. Unheard. She had always been good. But not this good. The Barber had to admit the truth. He was slipping.

Marc said...

Ivybennet - welcome to the fun :)

I like the sounds of your agent, and hope that we get to hear his story soon!

Greg - I almost instantly regretted mentioning that toolkit, as I'm not much of a gadget guy. It ended up working out okay though, I think.

Heh, your agent sounds filled to the brim with the promise of grisly endings for those that stand in his way.

David - ah, good to hear from you again. I should have known a week like this would bring you back around :)

Always enjoy hearing from the Barber. Love the atmosphere and imagery in your opening, particularly the notes spinning in the air.

Some great details about your agent as well. Looking forward to seeing where you take us this time.