Saturday December 20th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about a: snowflake. Or about snowflakes. Whichever.

I made a grand total of $24 in card sales this morning. Considering the fact that I paid $30 for the pleasure of being there, that ain't exactly ideal.

But I got paid for my product shoot (I'll be sure to share the link to the website once the pictures are up on it) and I got paid for the six boxes of apples. Throw in a $20 tip from the appreciative apple customer and it's not so bad.

Still, though. Twenty-four friggin' dollars.

Oh well.

And, hey, look! Christmas is right around the corner!


He's fully formed and ready
For his slow fall to begin,
And to get going with the
Eternal search for his twin


Greg said...

Ouch, you came so close to breaking even as well! Would it have taken just one more sale to get there? Still, it sounds like overall you managed to at least make the cost of the travel there back, so I guess it's a breakeven on the day as a whole, and that's not a terrible thing. Still, your art is getting out there at least; now all you have to do is die and its resale value will go through the roof!
Aw, your snowflake sounds so optimistic! And in four short lines too :)

The snowflake
As it falls, it is the last to arrive,
Landing like a butterfly on a branch.
The snowpack trembles, and start to move,

Marc said...

Greg - would have depended on the sale. I do them one for $4 (not quite enough) or two for $7 (that would have got me there).

I am impressed with your branch/avalanche rhyme. That is rather inspired!