Friday December 26th, 2014

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: Mrs. Claus.

While Natalie's parents were off looking at potential homes in the area, we took her and Max to the model railroad museum with my parents this morning. It was a lot of fun at first but they got a little too caught up, which is a problem in a place that doesn't want running or jumping around.

We took them back downstairs to check out the gift shop but that quickly devolved into pulling everything off the shelves and playing with them. So we headed for home shortly after that.

From there it was a fairly relaxed day. Some finger painting at Kat's parents house (thankfully), running around in circles, and one last big dinner before my parents head for home tomorrow morning.

Natalie and Becky will be sticking around a little longer, one nice benefit of having their flight plans fall through. I'm glad, for Max's sake, that everyone isn't leaving at the same time.


The biggest day of the year is in the books, over and done with, cross it off your list. Put your feet up and allow the frantic holiday to appear in your rear view. Have a drink or four and remind yourself that you do, in fact, know how to breathe normally.

Santa is home, safe and sound, and you don't need to worry about his safety out there in the frosty air, with all those airplanes and drones and lord knows what else, for another year.


Greg said...

Well, they sound like perfectly normal, healthy small children to me! I guess it's easy for them to get a little overexcited over Christmas, and with things they like all around (and the idea of opening presents firmly instilled in their heads) I can see that the gift shop must have looked like enormous fun. For them, if not you :)
I was a little surprised that Natalie and Becky would be flying back, not driving, until I realised that your phrase was actually subtly implying that of course they'd be driving back! Blame the lack of coffee this morning....
Mrs. Claus seems quite contented in your prose, but I guess when the big night is over she gets a much less stressed and tense Santa back in the house!

Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus laid plates of roast beef on the table, took her place next to Santa, and poured gravy. As they both started to eat she said, "I want a divorce."
Santa snorted, continued eating, and after swallowng asked, "What for this time?"
"Oh, I don't actually this year," she replied, "but it's become a tradition now, hasn't it?"

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, they didn't do anything wrong, really. Just different rules in a different place that I'm sure they didn't understand.

I find it difficult to imagine you without a coffee in the morning.

Heh, I like the casual back and forth between Mr and Mrs Claus :D