Saturday December 27th, 2014

The exercise:

Write a four line poem that has something to do with: unqualified.

The parents left Max and Natalie with their grandparents and went for a nice long walk this afternoon. It was good to go at an adult pace and have adult conversations. The fresh air was appreciated as well, even if it was a gray, chilly day.

I have such a backlog of pictures on my phone that I want to share. I'll have to at least get them onto the computer tomorrow.


When I think of her beauty
My mind becomes swamped!
Although, there is - No, no, no!
How quickly they forget the prompt.


Greg said...

What would you do without grandparents? :) Although I hear that part of the pleasure of being a grandparent is knowing that you can always hand the child back as soon as they start being a nuisance, or grumpy, or difficult, or... all those things they had to handle when they were parents.
Heh, I like your poem and it's wandering off track, almost as though you were... unqualified to write it ;-)

My DVD and TV broke, the remotes just up and died,
My brother said he'd fix them, though he's unqualified
to do so; and in fairness, he definitely tried...
but the DVD and TV are now certainly both fried.

Marc said...

Greg - struggle. Mightily. But I guess we're going to find out how tough it will be over the next couple of months :)

Love your poem, it's so fun to read aloud. Great work :D