Tuesday December 30th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: orange(s).

My first poem was inspired by a dear high school friend, who remains little changed in this regard to this day.

Gradually getting settled in here. It helps a lot to have figured out where most of the things I use regularly are located. Max is definitely more comfortable too, though he has moments where all he wants to do is go to Grandma and Papa's house.

Thankfully we'll be taking him for a visit tomorrow afternoon.


You claim your peel's shaped
like an elephant, but your
smirk says something else

*     *     *

Orange trees consumed
by orange flames; now all that
remains is pure black


Greg said...

Well done on catching up on all the comments, and I'm glad you liked the slightly longer visit you got from Del this time. I think I might be exploring exactly what she is and what she's up to a little more this year. But then I should probably write more about the Ilmatu too, so we'll have to find the right balance :)
Knowing where all the regular stuff is kept is most of the battle in a new place; everything else is just the usual "I wonder where I put that" routine just as it is everywhere. And Max will settle in faster than you all, but make more of a fuss for the few days while everything is different!
I think I prefer you first haiku this week, for the back-story behind it. And a new way to peel citrus fruit ;-)

Oranges in glass,
Riddled with holes, on display:
Acid makes them art

Nuclear winter:
Green skies, orange trees, creatures
Eating to survive.

And finally, since it's New Year's Eve here, here's the message I'll be texting out tonight before midnight:
"I need to make so many resolutions for next year that it's cheaper to enrol in the Witness Protection programme and get a new identity. Happy 2015 from Hubert Brockleback!"

morganna said...

We were sick over Christmas thanks to the croup my daughter caught the last week of school and brought home (thank you teacher who had them singing the Christmas program songs hours every day -- the program was amazing, but I think it was too hard on the kids). I've just been better the last couple days. But yesterday I cleaned off my desk, and I'm getting a good hour of writing in today and it is lovely!

The 1st haiku really is about a new way to peel oranges that I found and love. The 'here' in the second line is where you slice the peel in one spot on the middle, from end to end.
Slice the end off, so.
Now the other end, and here.
Open and enjoy.

Fragrant, lovely citrus
Just the thing to brighten a
Dull winter day.

Peter Fletcher said...

Break the skin.
Hot mist in your eyes.
An orange.

Bees wander over
To take a fragrant break
On an orange blossom.

Marc said...

Greg - well, Del gets my vote. That's all I have to say about that.

Tough call between your two this week. Maybe the second? Sure, let's go with that.

And that seems like a wise choice for the new year, Hubert.

Morganna - ah, I'd just assumed you were busy with the holidays. Sorry to hear about the illness but glad you're feeling better now!

I will have to try the way you've described in your first, and agree completely with your second :)

Peter - hello and welcome to the blog! I hope you find it useful.

Ugh, I've had that stinging mist in my eyes far too often. Nicely captured :)